Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Memes: Deeper Than the Grave by Tina Whittle

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting Deeper Than the Grave by Tina Whittle. I got this mystery from NetGalley for review. Here is the description:
It’s taken almost a year, but Tai Randolph has her new life together. She’s running a semisuccessful Atlanta gun shop catering to Civil War re-enactors. Her lover, the sexy-if-securityobsessed Trey Seaver, is sorting out his challenges. There’s not a single corpse on her horizon, and her previously haphazard existence is finally stable, secure… and unsurprising. Then a tornado blows by a Kennesaw Mountain cemetery, scattering the skeletal remains of a Confederate hero. Assisting the bones recovery effort is a job her late Uncle Dexter would have relished, as does Tai. Does she hit the jackpot on discovering a jumble of bones in the underbrush? No. The bones reveal a more recent murder, with her deceased uncle leading the suspect list. As Tai struggles to clear Dexter’s name— and save the business he left her— she uncovers deadly secrets were also buried in the red Georgia clay. And realizes there’s a live murderer on the loose, a clever killer who has tried to conceal the crimes of the present in the stories of the past. As she risks her own life to unravel two mysteries—one from a previous century, one literally at her doorstep—Tai rediscovers her dangerous taste for murder and mayhem.
Trey's mouth was at my ear, his chest solid against my back. "Slowly."

"Got it."

"Firm and gentle pressure."

I sighed. "I have done this before, you know."
Friday 56:
Trey checked his seatbelt—again—the pulled up the weather map on his phone—again I couldn't tell which had made him more nervous, the storm or my driving, but he'd grudgingly admitted the Ferrari wasn't the best vehicle for traveling into the wilds and joined me in the Camaro.


  1. Sounds like an intense read!
    I added this one to the Linky too! Happy weekend!


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