Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Reading Report

April was a pretty successful reading month for me. You can check out my list here. I read a total of 22 books and 6675 pages.

I read 11 young adult books this month with 8 of them being 2011 Young Adult Authors. It was also a romance reading month. I read 12.

The highlight for me this month was Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - I bought the eARC from Baen and devoured the story. It won't be released until August 2.

I added 51 books to my TBR stack in April:
  • 26 were books for my Kindle
  • 9 were books for review
  • 41 are still on my TBR stack
  • 14 books are YA
Currently, I have 1041 books on the TBR stack.


  1. I had to look twice when I read just how many books are on your TBR stacks!? And I thought my own 330-or-so would be bad *lol*.
    Also, impressive amount of reading!Well done!!

  2. Your TBR stack is scary! But it sounds like a good reading month so hopefully you can continue to whittle away at the stack.

  3. Oh, I'm glad Ghost Ship is good - I am wavering on whether to get the eARC or wait for the release.


  4. Fantastic month!
    Happy May Reading!


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