Friday, May 2, 2008

Interesting News for Readers of SF

I was interested today to read this about adult SF and YA SF in John Scalzi's blog. Now, I'll have to put Cory Doctorow's Little Brother on my TBR list. I have been reading SF (science fiction) since I was in junior high school. The first book that I remember reading new was Robert Silverberg's Time of the Great Freeze. I waited at the Duluth Public Library after school until my dad finished work at 4:30 (one of those kids who used the library as a babysitter) and read the book there. I enjoyed Robert Heinlein's juveniles. I read Andre Norton. I read Isaac Asimov.

As I grew up I expanded my reading tastes but I still read a lot of SF. I am enjoying the influx of SF in the young adult market and glad to be gathering new young readers into the SF fold. I hope that they transition to adult SF. It would be good to see some growth in the readership of one of my favorite kinds of books. I'm heading to Minneapolis tomorrow for a book signing with a very well-regarded writer of SF for adults. I'm betting the conversation will get around to the information that John Scalzi and Cory Doctorow shared.

Reading PSA

This was fun! Although I would like to see it done with an American accent.