Friday, May 8, 2009

Thing 42: Music 2.0

I started an account with Pandora today. I'm currently listening to The Animals as I type. I feel like I just jumped into the "wayback machine". This is from a premade station.

For my first try I put in a country artist that is my current favorite and created a Sugarland station. I am pleasantly surprised at the selections. The first four songs chosen for me were songs that I already owned on CD.

I had used live365 previously and even purchased it for one year. I really like the wide variety of collections of music available on live365 but didn't like the interruptions for commercials which is why I paid for it. However, I found that I didn't listen to it that often. I used it mostly at work on weekends to make me feel less alone in the otherwise empty school building.

My car radio is set to KWWK which is now broadcasting on the internet. I have listened to that station too. I am not a big music listener unless I'm riding in the car. Internet music sources aren't much help there.

I have had no technical difficulties but I have high speed internet in both venues -- home and work.