Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thing 26 -- The NING

I revisited the NING today. I did join the NING during the first round and hadn't visited it since I completed the first 23 Things. I had already added the NING badge to my blog. Luckily, I remembered my log in and password.

Today, I edited my profile and uploaded a new picture of myself. I also added a picture of one of my favorite authors that I took when we went out to dinner last Spring. I didn't have my camera with me when we went out to dinner last weekend. I had gone up to the Cities with a friend for Lois's book signing and a group of 6 of us went out to dinner afterwards.

I also checked on the discussions and contributed to a couple of them.

I don't feel that I will really be spending much time on the NING. It is just one more thing to keep up with in a day that is already overcrowded with things to do.

I have spoken with others who use the NING for meetings and share information there. That could be a potential work use for NINGs. However, I don't have a group that needs or wants to do that.

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