Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WW28: Out of Mind by Stella Cameron

WW28 (which explains this meme) 
A chance to showcase your favourite!
  • First you grab our Wicked Wednesday pic.
  • Then you grab a book. Turn to page 28. Take the first sentence. And then you post it in your site with a link back to WW28.
  • Come back to Cherry Mischievous - WW28 and give us the url of your post (in a comment at a WW28 post) so that other WW28 readers can find your WW28 offering.
The book I'm reading right now is Out of Mind by Stella Cameron. I received it as part of the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. It seems to be a paranormal thriller.
Here is sentence 1 on page 28:
"Marley," Willow said, "you'd better give Gray a call."
The only thing I can say about this sentence is that it is talking about the characters who were the stars of the first book in this series - Out of Body. The heroine of this one -Willow - is the speaker.


  1. Good gravy - I can hardly get to the posts I have already started - now this one! It sounds like fun though - we will see if I can get to it more than once!

  2. I just got an email - Netgalley - I got that book! Can you help me download it tomorrow?

  3. Paranormal romance is my genre... as in most of the books I read is of that kind this book sounds like my kind of read! I'd wait for your review on this one and see if I ought to add it to my ever growing TBR list :)


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