Saturday, August 28, 2010

In My Mailbox (August 29, 2010)

The weekly In My Mailbox post is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It is fun to see what everyone else gets in their mailboxes, shopping bags, and library visits. Click on the link to The Story Siren's site to see the rules and join in the fun.
I guarantee that your TBR pile will grow when you see all the cool books everyone gets. You will discover lots of wonderful blogs and lots of books that you won't be able to live without.

Everything was for my Kindle this week.
Dark Deceptions by Dee Davis - This romantic suspense title sounded good when I read about it on someone's blog.

Kiss Me If You Can by Carly Phillips - This traditional romance sounded like a nice change of pace from all the urban fantasy and paranormal romance that I have been reading lately.

But I couldn't abandon paranormal completely.

Slave by Cheryl Brooks is the first in the Cat Star Chronicles. I had seen a review of the most recent title in this series and decided to try the first one. I read quite a few screens and then abandoned it. The writing was entirely too much "tell" and not enough "show". I found the part I read very repetitious and I couldn't get a feel for the main character who is telling the story in the first person.  

The Feline Fugitive by Esmerelda Bishop sounded like a cute premise with a man masquerading as a woman's pet cat while trying to catch a murderer and convince her that she is his mate.

The Panther's Lair by Esmerelda Bishop sounded like an interesting erotic paranormal.

That is what passed for my mailbox this week. Even though all I had to do was click and turn on my Kindle to get them. What did you get this week?


  1. I actually use 4 different memes on my blog for new books coming into my house - Library Loot, Nabbing Nook Books, Mailbox Mondays, and Book Buy Bonanza - isn't it interesting how we all try to communicate t his information.
    Cheli's Shelves

  2. The Feline Fugitive sounds really different...will be interested to read what you think of it. And the cover is gorgeous!

  3. I have Dark Deceptions and Slave waiting in my TBR pile for me. I'm hoping I'll get time soon to read and review them.

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  4. Have you read Carly Phillips before? I have one of her books, but I haven't read it yet. Have a great week.....

  5. Can I say, sexyy books? :D Have fun reading!

  6. Nice collection of books! Really like the sound of Feline Fugitive, so will keep an eye out for your review. Enjoy!


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