Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: Twice Dead by Kalayna Price

Twice Dead
Author: Kalayna Price
Publication: Bell Bridge Books (February 12, 2010)

Description: Newly undead shifter-turned-vampire Kita Nekai is coming to grips with the reality that her cat has not awakened since her change. What she needs is a little time to adjust to her new liquid diet and the increasingly complex attraction to her sire, Nathanial. What she gets is a headless harlequin. With the body count rising, Kita is dragged into a dangerous game of vampire politics. Her involvement draws the attention of an ancient vampire known as the Collector who has a penchant for acquiring the unusual - like a pureblood shifter-turned vampire. Kita still has unfinished business of her own and finds herself deeper in magical debt. It's a bad time to be a kitten who can't slip her skin. 

Kalayna Price's debut novel, ONCE BITTEN, earned rave reviews and reached #1 on's "Fantasy Bestseller List." TWICE DEAD returns readers to a dark, seductive world where magic rules and ancient loyalties collide with modern challenges.

My Thoughts: This was a complex second installment in Kita's story. She is very reluctantly adjusting to being a vampire when a new vampire comes to town. This one is known as the Collector because she collects oddities. Kita qualifies and it becomes a major political process to keep her out of the Collector's hands. 

Meanwhile, someone is beheading vampires and the humans around them and trying to frame Kita. Kita is also still searching for the men who attacked her so that she can see if she accidentally turned them into rogue shifters. 

Gil is still around taking notes and getting Kita into and out of trouble. One trouble is with a mage who wants a new body and who is owed a favor by Kita.

I recommend this one to readers who like fast paced urban fantasy. The writing is engaging and entertaining. I am eager to see what comes next for Kita in Third Blood.

Favorite Quote:
Great. I was here as muscle and we were what? Grave robbing? I pressed the palms of my hands against my eyes. A headless body, the rogue's haunting memories, the void, and now grave robbing? Could this night get worse?


  1. I loved this one! I really like seeing Kita adjust to her situation and Nathanial helping her of course!! Particularly liked the one scene that I don't want to describe too much for spoilers, but it was steamy! ;)

  2. I have this one but still need to get the first book so know what is going on .... I do love the favorite quote as know very well anytime you ask if thinks can get worse they do!


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