Thursday, February 16, 2012

ARC Review: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea by Sophia Nash

Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea
Author: Sophia Nash
Publication: Avon (February 28, 2012)

Description: Six Regency heroes—One royal hangover

An infamous night has been lost to memory. The scandalous Dukes of the Royal Entourage must make amends. The first step is a heroic rescue.

One of England’s most disreputable peers, Alexander Barclay, Duke of Kress, has stumbled upon a perfect opportunity for redemption. Having been exiled to Cornwall by the Prince Regent himself, Barclay discovers lovely Roxanne Vanderhaven clinging to the edge of a cliff, stranded there by her murderous blackguard of a husband . . . just waiting to be rescued.

Back on solid ground, Roxanne is desperate for a new life— once she’s retaliated for her husband’s despicable actions. Surprisingly, she finds herself drawn to her unlikely champion, certainly the last man in England she could count on. Yet, the infamous Duke of Kress isn’t quite the scoundrel he seems . . .

My Thoughts: This was a refreshing and entertaining story filled with interesting characters and wonderful dialog. Alex Barclay, the new Duke of Kress, is in disgrace and is sent to his crumbling castle to restore it and find a rich, titled and scandal-free bride. On his way home, he rescues Roxanne Vanderhaven from a cliff. Her husband had assisted in her fall and now Roxanne is presumed dead. Alex reluctantly takes her home with him. She isn't exactly scandal-free!

Roxanne is determined to take revenge on her husband and to start a new life. She is reluctant to depend on any man let alone the notorious Duke of Kress. However, despite their best efforts, the two fall in love. There are certainly impediments to their romance especially the fact the Roxanne is already married. The escapades that fill this story are both humorous and touching. The conversations between Roxanne and Alex are wonderful, blunt and humorous. 

I recommend the story to lovers of historical romance. 

Favorite Quote:
"So your father chose the old-fashioned method of disposing of females and sold you."

"No, he did not sell me," she enunciated each word sourly. "He knew that I was just like every stupid girl in Creation--dreaming of a fairy tale prince or earl who would fall head over heels in love with me and drag me off to his castle. And Lawrence was the most desirable gentleman in Cornwall."

"Except for that tiny propensity of his to murder a wife," Alex said in a dry tone.
I received this book through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I got a copy of this through Vine too and I'm so glad to hear that it's enjoyable-I should be reading it in the next week or so and I'm super excited!


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