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ARC Review: Buried: A Bone Secrets Novel by Kendra Elliot

Buried: A Bone Secrets Novel
Author: Kendra Elliot
Publication: Montlake Romance; Unabridged edition (March 26, 2013)

Description: Reporter Michael Brody is used to getting answers. The one that’s eluded him, though, for twenty long years is learning what happened to his brother Daniel the day his school bus disappeared. When the remains of the other children are discovered—and Daniel’s aren’t among them—a desperate Michael calls upon the sole survivor of the tragedy, Chris Jacobs, hoping he will finally break his silence.

Constant fear of being found by his kidnapper has driven Chris into hiding. The only lead Michael has is Chris’s sister, Jamie. Strong and impenetrable, she’s capable of burrowing deep into Michael’s heart. As they race to find Chris, Michael and Jamie somehow find each other among the decades of wreckage. But locating Chris may not be so easy. Now grown, his scars go far deeper than skin.

In Buried, the next thrilling Bone Secrets novel from bestselling author Kendra Elliot, a damaged hero digs deep into his terrifying past…and unearths a chance at love for the future.

My Thoughts: BURIED was amazing, suspenseful, packed with emotion—and I was almost certain I knew who the bad guy was about one-third of the way through. 

The story was told from multiple points of view. Jamie Jacobs is a school principal. Her brother Chris Jacobs was kidnapped along with a bus load of his classmates from an exclusive private school. He was gone for almost two years before he found his way out of the woods—emaciated, abused, and injured. None of the other kids were ever found. Jamie suffered from nightmares for years and finally left home when he was eighteen. His only contacts with Jamie are a few phone calls to a blocked number. He always said he didn't remember much about his time away.

Michael Brody is a reporter who has never given up the hunt for his brother Daniel who was on the same bus  as Chris. His father is a US Senator and his mother a noted surgeon. Michael always felt as though he was the less desired brother and, while he knows his parents love him, he doesn't have a close relationship with his parents. 

The final point of view is that of the man who kidnapped, murdered, and abused the children and who is now determined to find Chris Jacobs and finish the job. The kids called him Ghostman because his skin was so white.

Events start moving and bringing all these people together when the bodies of all of the children except Michael's brother Daniel are found buried at an abandoned farm. Not long after and not far from that site a bunker is discovered that was the place the kids were kept. Their backpacks were still there marked with their names. 

Michael is determined to track down Chris to find out what he remembers. He goes looking for Jamie, hoping that she will send him on to Chris, but never expects that he will take one look at her and fall in love. Jamie wasn't looking for love either. Michael is very different than the kind of man she thought she would ever end up with. 

The story is filled with excitement as Michael and Jamie track down Chris and as the Ghostman a.k.a. Mr. Tattoo tries to beat them to Chris to silence him forever. The story has lots of twists and turns and unexpected happenings that will keep readers turning the page hoping for a happy ending. I recommend it highly. 

Favorite Quote:
She laughed. She couldn't help it. His words were constantly unexpected and so refreshing. She'd never met anyone like him. His brain was quick and nimble, and his thoughts were always miles ahead of hers on different tangents. But it was all good. Sometimes, he slowed down and savored the moment. Like right now. He was still looking intently at her, and his attention made her feel beautiful.
I received this ARC from the author in exchange for my honest review. You can buy your copy here

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