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ARC Review: Beneath the Patchwork Moon by Alison Kent

Beneath the Patchwork Moon
Author: Alison Kent
Series: A Hope Springs Novel (Book 2)
Publication: Montlake Romance (March 4, 2014)

Description: In Hope Springs, Texas, every first love deserves a second chance.

Luna Meadows wove a successful career out of creating the sumptuous, richly hued scarves that adorn Hollywood’s elite. Now she wants to give back to her hometown of Hope Springs, Texas, by creating a community arts center on the property that once belonged to her best friend: a talented musician named Sierra who perished in a car crash at age eighteen. As Luna sorts through the personal belongings left in the Caffey family’s former home, she confronts her own guilt and memories. But when Angelo Caffey—Sierra’s brother and Luna’s first love—returns unexpectedly, Luna must also face the pain of their long-ago relationship.

Headstrong, handsome Angelo walked away from Hope Springs—and Luna—eight years ago. But this time, he’s staying until he gets his answers. Still haunted by Sierra’s mysterious accident, he demands to know the secrets Luna has harbored all these years. But will revealing the truth leave Luna heartbroken? Or can she finally bury the past and help Angelo come home for good?

My Thoughts: This story was a lush, lyrical read which helped blunt the very difficult things the main characters were going through. It is the tenth anniversary of the car accident that took the life of Luna's best friend Sierra and left Sierra's boyfriend in a permanent vegetative state. Luna has been grieving and holding tight to secrets that Sierra shared with her which have added guilt to her grief.

Luna has become a successful fabric artist who scarves grace the necks of some of Hollywood's finest. But she has never left her family home in Hope Springs. But now changes are coming. Her mother is unexpectedly expecting a baby. Sierra's family home is being foreclosed on. And Sierra's older brother Angelo - the only man Luna has ever loved - is coming back to Hope Springs.

Angelo has had to deal with his own grief and anger. He also had to deal with the fact that his parents seemed to blame him for Sierra's death and let their own lives fall apart. Eventually, when Angelo did what he thought best for the family, his parents disowned him.

As secrets about the past are revealed, both Angelo and Luna have to deal with things they had buried and decide if they love they both hid could now be brought into the open and if now was finally the time for them to move on with their lives together. The was a touching romance that will long remain in my memory.

Favorite Quote:
He was warm, and he tasted of anger and goodness and incredible need as much as incredible hurt.  She wanted to give to him, and take from him, and fill herself with him, and pour over him as if she were a warm spring rain. this wasn't a kiss she knew what to do with, or how to respond to, or one she understood.
I got this eARC from Montlake Romance. You can buy your copy here.

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