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Book Review: The Black Dragon by Allyson James

The Black Dragon
Author: Allyson James
Series: Dragon (Book 2)
Publication: Berkley Sensation; First Edition edition (November 6, 2007)

Description: Scorching new romance from the author of Dragon Heat.

When Saba Watanabe is attacked by white dragons in human form on the streets of San Francisco, the only man she can turn to for help is the dangerously seductive Malcolm, a black dragon who once made Saba his love slave. But it's Saba who must use her rising powers to save Malcolm-and all of his kind.

My Thoughts: This urban fantasy set in San Francisco is populated with dragons, witches, imps and other magical creatures. This is the second book for the two main characters. Saba is a human witch and Malcolm is a black dragon. They had a relationship that began when he enslaved her to his will but she was never a very good slave. He returned to dragonspace and left her heartbroken but determined to become a stronger witch.

Luckily, she is stronger than when Malcolm first met her because she is attacked on the subway by a white dragon who is determined to enslave her. She could fight off the magical bonds but needed to use the dragon crystals Malcolm left with her to ward off the physical attack. The crystals summoned Malcolm from dragonspace.

Together the two need to find and defeat the white dragon before he manages to gain control over all the dragons. The book includes a magical archive, guarded by Malcolm, that holds over six trillion books. The white dragon has stolen one of the books which includes the true names of all the dragons. The one with the true name is able to control the dragon. The archive is also organized with a sort of magical database which was compromised when the book was stolen. Luckily, Saba's day job is as a programmer.

This book was fun. I liked the romance which was hampered by the fact that the principals were from very different cultures. I am also a big fan of dragons and think Malcolm was an excellent example of the type.

I recommend this book for urban fantasy fans.

Favorite Quote:
"So where is this white dragon now?" Axel asked.

"I don't know."

Axel glanced up and down the street as though expecting the white dragon to pop out of an alley at them. "Terrific."

"And I don't know why he's here."

"You're a lot of fun to be with, you know that?" Axel observed.
I bought this one in 2008. You can buy your copy here.

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