Saturday, December 31, 2016

ARC Review: The Golden Gate by Robert Buettner

The Golden Gate
Author: Robert Buettner
Publication: Baen (January 3, 2017)

Description: An exciting future thriller from nationally best-selling author of the Orphan's Legacy science fiction saga. A face-off with killers in order to guard a secret that could change humanity forever.


When the world’s richest man is the victim of a car bomb and literally blown off the Golden Gate Bridge the attack is attributed to terrorists and the world moves on. But some still wonder. Was Manuel Colibri targeted because, as Silicon Valley rumor has it, he was about to make the dream that people alive today can live to be one thousand come true?

Two people are pursuing the truth. Tech journalist Kate Boyle and recovering Iraq war veteran Ben Shepard race through the Bay Area chasing the only clues the reclusive Colibri left behind. They discover not only each other but a cosmic secret that can change human history—and may cost them their lives.

My Thoughts: This near future mystery tries to find out who killed the world's richest man and who wants to keep his discoveries from changing the world. Manuel Colibri is the man whose fancy car was blown off the Golden Gate bridge.

David Powell, another tycoon, recruits his former attorney Jack Boyle to find out who wanted to kill Colibri. Jack had resigned his position after his wife's death from cancer. Jack is having a hard time getting over losing his soulmate. Jack's daughter Kate is a journalist who gave up a prestigious position on the East Coast to come take care of her father. Jack recruits her to help in the investigation.

Ben Shepard is also recruited by his boss, Arthur Petrie, who is the Director of Homeland Security and has much larger political aspirations. Ben is an Iraq war veteran who is attending law school. His war experiences, which included losing part of his right hand, were traumatic enough that he has spend time trying to get his life back together.

Together Kate and Ben track down the clues to find out who wanted Colibri dead. Colibri was sitting on the secret to a much extended life span for those who could afford to pay for it. They aren't sure if the murderer wanted to exploit this knowledge or suppress it.

This book had all sorts of scientific detail about DNA and life-extending technologies. It also had characters who were involved in the SETI program which is trying to prove that there are other intelligent species in the universe.

The story was entertaining. I liked the way the various parts of the plot were woven together. I especially liked the relationship between Kate and Ben. I liked that they mystery was solved and I liked that it left what to do with the scientific breakthroughs unresolved.

Favorite Quote:
So far today, Ben had vomited over a boat rail, discovered a pirate's treasure chest as big as a GI's Containerized Housing Unit, but less valuable than a losing lottery ticket, and had been sneezed on my a whale. All things considered, in terms of seeing the world's wonders, today beat the best day he ever had in Iraq.
I got this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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