Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Memes: Alice and the Assassin by R. J. Koreto

Happy Friday everybody!
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Mariah always said that I'd do anything for a pretty face, and she might be right, but I guess I'm not that different from most other men. And I'd like to meet the one who could refuse Alice when she challenged you.
Friday 56 (from 56% in the eARC):
I thought Alice was going to complain, yet again, about answering questions with questions, but instead she just said, "I find it amusing to visit some of my father's old colleagues in the Tombs, and one of them mentioned an odd case, a figure called the Archangel. We know of at least one worker upstate who was terrified of him."
This week I am reading Alice and the Assassin by R. J. Koreto. I got the ARC of this historical mystery from the author. Here is the description from Amazon:
In 1902 New York, Alice Roosevelt, the bright, passionate, and wildly unconventional daughter of newly sworn-in President Theodore Roosevelt, is placed under the supervision of Secret Service Agent Joseph St. Clair, ex-cowboy and veteran of the Rough Riders. St. Clair quickly learns that half his job is helping Alice roll cigarettes and escorting her to bookies, but matters grow even more difficult when Alice takes it upon herself to investigate a recent political killing--the assassination of former president William McKinley.

Concerned for her father's safety, Alice seeks explanations for the many unanswered questions about the avowed anarchist responsible for McKinley's death. In her quest, Alice drags St. Clair from grim Bowery bars to the elegant parlors of New York's ruling class, from the haunts of the Chinese secret societies to the magnificent new University Club, all while embarking on a tentative romance with a family friend, the son of a prominent local household.

And while Alice, forced to challenge those who would stop at nothing in their greed for money and power, considers her uncertain future, St. Clair must come to terms with his own past in Alice and the Assassin, the first in R. J. Koreto's riveting new historical mystery series.


  1. What a unique protagonist for a book! I'd love for you and your readers to check out mine . . .

  2. Oh, Alice Roosevelt! This one sounds very tempting...thanks for sharing. Thanks for visiting my blog, too, and enjoy!

  3. I couldn't help but smile at the description and I think I would enjoy this one.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  4. This one sounds pretty interesting.

  5. Sounds interesting! Happy weekend!

  6. Interesting, I especially like the excerpt for the 56. Thanks for sharing. Here is my post

  7. the cover.

    Hope you are enjoying the book.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings

  8. This sounds like something I would enjoy! :)

  9. This sounds fascinating. Lovely excerpts and great book. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.


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