Saturday, May 6, 2017

ARC Review: A Gleam of Light by T.J. & M.L. Wolf

A Gleam of Light
Author: T. J. & M. L. Wolf
Publication: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 30, 2016)

Description: In 1995, at the age of eight, Una Waters survived a terrifying encounter at 30,000 feet aboard Flight 564 from Dallas to Las Vegas. It changed her forever. After 21 years, and a decade away from the Hopi Reservation where she grew up as a child, a surprise plea for help brings Una back, to solve a mystery that threatens their traditional way of life. The U.S. Army's sudden interest regarding a cave discovery in the Sacred Peaks has triggered alarm, leading to violence. With the help of friends, new and old, Una must confront her painful past, seek proof to qualify the ancient site for protection under law, and stand up to a stiff-necked general, whose agenda is more concerned with retrieving a mysterious power source.

My Thoughts: This science fiction story is filled with UFOs, aliens, and Hopi mythology. Una Waters first encountered an unexplained - possibly alien - sighting when she was nine years old on a flight from Texas to Las Vegas. She saw through nine-year-old eyes the government cover-up of the incident. She spent her childhood living on a Hopi reservation until leaving for the outside world after the death of her parents when she was eighteen. Now, ten years later, she's working for the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC.

Una is called home to the reservation because some strange things are going on. The military is conducting some sort of operation on a mountain that is sacred to the Hopi. There has been a death of one of the young men from the town and another has been greatly changed. Her friend's son is the only one of the three boys who has seemingly escaped their adventure unharmed. As Una begins to investigate, she is assisted by Jack Howser who is a newspaperman from Winslow, Arizona, and another survivor of the same alien-viewing flight that Una was on.

Together the two begin investigating what is going on on the mountain and run into obstruction from General Colin Ashcroft. Una later learns that he was also on that fateful flight when he was a child. The story was filled with Hopi mythology and Una finds herself reengaging with the culture and beliefs she thought she had set aside when she left the reservations.

This book is a conspiracy theorists dream novel. All sorts of information about alien sightings and government coverups fill the pages. Fans of that sort of thing will enjoy this fast-paced story.

Favorite Quote:
No telling where all of this might lead. The old feelings were coming back to her now, the way she used to look at the world, through the eyes of a child. When the spirits of her ancestors seemed to surround her.

Thinking back to that night, she could not help but wonder if, even now, the Sky People were watching.
I got this one in exchange for an honest review from the authors.  You can buy your copy here.


  1. I know very little about Native American way of life. I think this one will give a glimpse into that as well.

  2. oh I don't think I have ever read a conspiracy theory book either! Sounds very interesting :)


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