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ARC Review: Murder in Bloomsbury by D. M. Quincy

Murder in Bloomsbury
Author: D. M. Quincy
Series: Atlas Catesby Mystery
Publication: Crooked Lane Books (February 13, 2018)

Description: Acclaimed author D. M. Quincy is back with a second captivating mystery as adventurer Atlas Catesby must put aside his own feelings for Lady Lilliana as they work together to get justice for someone she holds dear.

Aristocratic adventurer Atlas Catesby has spent the last year trying to forget Lady Lilliana Warwick, but when she reappears in his life imploring him to help her solve a murder, Atlas feels compelled to say yes.

The ner’re-do-well brother of Lilliana’s maid died of arsenic poisoning. Authorities are ruling his death an accident, but his sister suspects he was murdered. As Atlas and Lilliana investigate, they discover that the victim had a mysterious lover―a high-born lady he threatened with scandal after she spurned him. When they finally uncover her shocking true identity, the case blows wide open and it turns out there is a whole string of women who had reason to kill the handsome charmer. Now, as Atlas fights his growing feelings for Lilliana, they must work together to catch the assassin before the killer gets to them first.

My Thoughts: The second Atlas Catesby historical mystery begins when the woman he's been trying to forget asks him to solve the mystery of the death of her maid's brother. Atlas is very good at puzzles and is intrigued by this mystery. He is also the fourth son of a newly minted baron - aristocratic but on the lowest end of the scale. Lady Roslyn Sterling is the sister of a duke and way above him in wealth and the ranking of society. Atlas feels that he can not have any sort of relationship with her despite the fact the he loves her. She is not convinced and is determined to show them how well they would suit, in her subtle and ladylike way.

As Atlas investigates Gordon Davis he uncovers more and more people who would have wanted him dead. Davis was an attractive and charming man from the lower class who wanted to raise his social status by marrying up. He carried on affairs with and aristocratic lady and a wealthy businessman's daughter. While he was a footman, he also accompanied two young aristocratic ladies on their shopping expedition for "naughty" books which gave him blackmail material to use with their fathers. One of the fathers is the wealthy peer who is courting Lady Roslyn and who asks that Atlas back off to allow him to court her.

Davis was poisoned with arsenic which was a relatively common chemical of the day. It was used in industry including the dye factory where Davis worked after losing his position as a footman. It was also sometimes used medicinally for clearing complexions and to increase vigor. Atlas and is new valet Jamie need to check the poison books of the pharmacies near the suspects to find out who bought the arsenic and who poisoned Davis.

I enjoyed the setting of this story. I also enjoyed Atlas Catesby who is an honorable man and a great puzzle solver. I have hopes for the relationship of Lilliana and Atlas and look forward to more books in the series to see how it progresses.

Favorite Quote:
A bittersweet sensation sliced through his lungs. Black-and-gold livery could only belong to the Duke of Somerville. Lilliana's brother. Not Lilliana, he reminded himself harshly. Roslyn. Lady Roslyn Lilliana Sterling. The woman he'd been trying to forget for the past nine long months.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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