Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday Memes: The Storm Keeper's Island by Catherine Doyle

Happy Friday everybody!
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In a field full of wildflowers, a boy and a girl stood side by side beneath an ancient oak tree. The sky was angry, the thunder growling like an angry beast.
Friday 56:
Then he stood in front of the fireplace and blew the candle out.

It exhaled like a sleeping giant and pushed a breeze through the cottage that rattled the windowpanes. Fionn felt it on his ankles as he sank into his grandfather's chair.
This week I am spotlighting a Middle Grade novel that was recently added to my review stack. The Storm Keeper's Island by Catherine Doyle's blurb says it is for fans of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Here is the description from Amazon:
Fionn Boyle comes from a long line of brave seafarers, people with the ocean behind their eyes. But he can't help but fear the open sea. For years, Fionn's mother has told him stories of Arranmore Island, a strange place that seems to haunt her. Fionn has always wondered about this mysterious island, and from the day he arrives he starts noticing things that can't be explained. He can sense the island all around him, and it feels like the island is watching him, too.

Once in a generation, Arranmore Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies. The time has come for his grandfather, a secretive and eccentric old man, to step down. But as Fionn and the other descendants of Arranmore's most powerful families fight to become the island's next champion, a more sinister magic is waking up, intent on rekindling a long-ago war and changing Fionn's life and the island's future forever.


  1. This one does sound tempting. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE LIAR’S ROOM”

  2. I've been curious about this one. I don't read a lot of middle grade works, but I might have to take a closer look at this one. Thanks for the share!

    My Book Beginning this week is from the new suspense novel The Water Tower Club by BK Mayo

  3. Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Sounds like a great one. I love those snippets. Hope you have an awesome weekend! :)

  5. The Storm Keeper's Island sounds interesting. I also love the look of the cover.

  6. Sounds like an exciting read! Happy weekend!

  7. I'm not really a Middle Grade reader, but it sounds fun. Hope you enjoy it.

  8. Sounds like something I'd absolutely love!

    Lauren @ Always Me


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