Monday, October 14, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? (Oct. 14, 2019)

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? is now hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date.

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week.  It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

I will be combining my YA and adult reading and purchases on this one weekly roundup.

Other Than Reading...

As I am writing this Saturday noontime, a gentle snow is falling. It is not yet sticking to the roads but makes a nice covering on grassy areas, our solar panels, and the deck. I rousted out my brother and we did our shopping for the next couple of days earlier. I wanted to get out before the roads become covered in snow. We are making homemade healthy pizzas today and a healthy chicken and mushroom dish for dinner tomorrow.

This week I got a meat grinder and used it to make one pound of Italian sausage and two pounds of breakfast sausage. It works really slick and went quite quickly with both of us working in the kitchen. Both are recipes that we got from the binders at Bill's cardio rehab so they are flavorful without added sodium and with low saturated fat.

My TV watching this week included The Voice and the baseball playoffs. While I am disappointed that my Atlanta Braves didn't advance, I am still interested in watching the games. I may even have time to catch up with the Minnesota Vikings as they play football.

I was having trouble settling down to reading this week and currently have three books in various stages of completion. I do hope to get them all finished this week and move on to the next ones on my list. With all the commotion from mid-September until now, I never did report on my September reading. I read a total of 17 books with 5888 pages. Eight were review books and nine were mine which included four rereads.

Solar Power Report

Even before the snow today, we had a couple of rainy and cloudy days this week.

We have a few more days before the end of our billing cycle and have made 535.85 kWh. Our high was 1.2 MWh and last month we produced 968.21 kWh. I doubt we'll catch last month in the next five days. They are predicting snow and gloom again tomorrow with a nice day on Monday and then back to snow on Tuesday.

Read Last Week

If you can't wait until the review shows up on my blog, reviews are posted to LibraryThing and Goodreads as soon as I write them (usually right after I finish reading a book.)

  • Artifacts by Mary Anna Evans (Mine) - First in the Faye Longchamp mystery series. I chose this one because the main character is an archaeologist. I enjoyed it. My review will be posted on November 7.


I was having trouble setting into one book this week. So I have three in progress.

Next Week

Reviews Posted

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What was your week like?


  1. Wow!! I've seen many on Goodreads reading or wanting to read An Everyday Hero! I need to check that one out! Happy reading and stay warm!🌞📚

  2. Looks like you had a great week! I'm loving The Voice this season. Blake and Gwen really grew on me.

  3. Sounds like a busy week. I find too that sometimes it's hared to commit to one book, and I go back and forth to several. I loved the Others series - hope you do as well.

  4. I love, love, love Lord Peter. Wish I could read them all for the first time again. We haven't had snow yet, but the weather is definitely changing.

  5. I love the Others series, it's a nice take on the paranormal. It sounds like you're doing a lot of great cooking! My family loves sausage, but the store bought stuff is full of sodium and you knows what else. Maybe I should get a grinder too, sometime down the road.

  6. OOh nice! Hope you enjoy your re-read of The Others!!

    Here's my Monday Wrap-up

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  7. So many tempting titles. Enjoy! Glad you have the solar panels.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Oh, doesn’t The Body in the Garden sound interesting!

    Crazy that you have snow. After a cool weekend, it is almost in the 90s today.

    It wouldn’t do us much good to have solar panels, though. We have too many trees.

    Have a great week!

  9. I don't even want to think about snow. I've got This Side of Murder on the stacks and hope to get to it soon. An Everyday Hero looks good too.

  10. I'm waiting for my copy of Read and Buried to come into the bookshop. My weekly update

  11. Snow! Yikes it's getting to that be that time. Here in Michigan I heard there was snow in the Upper Peninsula, but none down here so far (yet).

    Mmm homemade pizza! :)

    I'm hoping Harbor for the Nightingale turns out to be good.

  12. Hard to imagine you are already getting snow.
    Your solar report is interesting to follow. :-)
    I've enjoyed Mercedes Lackey books.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!


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