Tuesday, February 1, 2022

ARC Review: Live, Local, and Dead by Nikki Knight

Live, Local, and Dead

Nikki Knight
Series: A Vermont Radio Mystery
Publication: Crooked Lane Books (February 8, 2022)

Description: Death waits for snowman in Nikki Knight’s new Vermont-based cozy series, perfect for fans of Connie Archer and Mary Kennedy.

In a fit of anger, radio DJ Jaye Jordan blows a snowman’s head off with a Revolutionary War-style musket. But the corpse that tumbles out is all too human. Jaye thought life would be quieter when she left New York City and bought a tiny Vermont radio station. But now, Edwin Anger—the ranting and raving radio talk show host who Jaye recently fired—lies dead in the snow. And the Edwin Anger fans who protested his dismissal are sure she killed him.

To clear her name, Jaye must find the real killer, as if she doesn’t have her hands full running the radio station, DJing her all-request love song show, and shuttling tween daughter Ryan to and from school. It doesn’t make matters easier that the governor—Jaye’s old crush—arrived on the scene before the musket smoke cleared. Fortunately, Jaye has allies…if you count the flatulent moose that lives in the transmitter shack, and Neptune, the giant gray cat that lives at the station.

If Jaye can turn the tables on the devious killer, she and the governor may get to make some sweet, sweet music together. But if she can’t, she’ll be off the air…permanently.

My Thoughts: Jaye Jordan has left her radio job in New York City and purchased a small radio station in Vermont. She's her own boss, and her daughter can still spend time with her father - Jaye's ex, who is teaching at a nearby college. Jaye has decided to drop the syndicated programs and go live and local.

However, the fans of a syndicated hatemonger named Edwin Anger are upset and all two of them are protesting. When Jaye grabs one of their muzzleloaders and blows the head off a large snowman, no one expects to find a body entombed in it. And no one expects the body to be Edwin Anger. 

Jaye is busy; she's raising her precocious daughter Ryan and coming to terms with her new relationship with her former husband. His cancer diagnosis and eventual recovery broke their marriage leaving Jaye wary of any new relationship. Meeting the man who was once a girlhood crush of hers and who is now the governor and dealing with their attraction to each other doesn't make her life simpler.

I really enjoyed this story and getting to know Jaye. I loved her relationship with her daughter. I also loved her strong circle of friends. Her budding new romance was great too. 

This cozy mystery had it all. The mystery was engaging. There were touches of humor especially when the moose who lived by her transmitter shack appeared. There was also a nice sprinkling or romance.

Favorite Quote:
"Only Jews would celebrate vanquishing someone who tried to exterminate them with a cookie."

"They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat."

We laughed together, and I thought of Alan Metz grinning as he quoted that very maxim to me at Passover two years ago.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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