Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thing 5: More Flickr Fun

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This one is fun. Here is Spell with Flickr I'm still working on any possible library application but maybe fun is enough.

I also took at look at the puzzles mashup. I can see some library applications for this one. Making puzzles of kids' artistic responses to a book could be a nice tool to share a book with others.

Generally speaking, I think sharing photos online is fine. Of course, we need to be careful (and have permission) to share any recognizable photos of students in our care. We are just dealing with this as we convert to a new program for creating our school's web site. Galleries are easy to create now but what should we do about photos of children? I'm pretty sure that we will post student's pictures (if parents have signed a release) but we will never identify any student by name.

I think that I would be hesitant to post and make public any photos to Flickr that actually had recognizable people of any age in them. I was surprised to check out some people's photos and find clear and labelled photos of the family. I'd not make those photos public.

This whole Flickr thing has made we want to go out and purchase a digital camera so that I can start doing some more "artsy" kinds of photos.

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