Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting to Know GoogleDocs

My assistant has been struggling with Thing 9 (and I want to know GoogleDocs well enough to teach it). So yesterday I started a new document with some of my favorite quotations about reading and chose her to collaborate on it with me. It was fun to sit almost side-by-side and work on the same document. I feel a little bit more familiar with it now but I'm not ready to run it out in front of a group of students yet. I'm not worried about the ones for whom technology is home ground and who will rapidly outpace me. I'm worried about the kids who aren't comfortable with technology. I want to know enough to be able to give useful assistance when they have problems.

On the home front (or at least the pleasure reading front), I just finished The Fox by Sherwood Smith which is the second in an epic fantasy series following Inda. It was excellent and now I am eagerly awaiting the third volume which is scheduled for publication on July 1. The story has lots of adventure with interesting young adult characters and has just a touch of magic. It was lots of fun to read.

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