Sunday, June 7, 2009

Techspo 2009

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Tomorrow is Techspo. I will be presenting a session on 23 Things. I feel that I am still very much an amateur myself at learning about and using Web 2.0 tools.

There are some that I use on a daily basis - iGoogle, Bloglines, Delicious, LibraryThing - and some I haven't used since I finished Round 1 - Gather, Digg.

I am just working my way through More Things on a Stick and am learning to use new tools each time. I haven't had time to integrate the new tools into my thinking yet let alone into my lesson plans for my students. I am slowly being converted to the utility of Twitter, for example. Animoto looks like fun and I want ot explore it more. I think I can see how my students can use it.

I hope that I can provide useful information for the people who choose to attend my session. The 23 Things program comes out of the library world and my audience will be teachers. I think most of the things translate but I have a foot in both worlds. I would like to target the educational use of these Web 2.0 tools so that teachers can see the value.

Maybe we can make our own community and talk about our progress during this coming summer.

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