Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing 47: Evaluation

That's it. I have run out of time to complete all of the More 23 Things. I looked at each one of the ones I didn't complete and plan to work on some of them at some time in the future.

This round was different for me. I skipped around a lot. I started by reading all of the "things" and thinking that I really wasn't too enthused about any of them. They all looked like they would take much more time than they would save. I don't really think that my opinion has changed after working through the majority of the things.

I think that screencasting has a lot of applicability to my teaching. I do plan to make more use of it. I would like to do digital storytelling with my students. I definitely want to explore GoogleDocs with my students.

Twitter -- not so much. I did decide to follow some people. This doesn't seem like it will be a source of more information for me. Maybe I chose the wrong people to follow. I did put a Twitter widget on one of my iGoogle pages so that I can check it more frequently.

Pandora and Hulu might be useful but I don't have time to watch what I already want to watch on Broadcast TV. I can't imagine finding the time to watch more on my computer. The music will be more useful. However, I have my iPod which already has all my favorite music.

It was nice to refresh my memory about some of the BigHugeLabs tools. Again, I want to share those with my students too.

I liked the whole concept of the 23 things. I liked being able to pick and choose which ones interested me and being able to do them when I had the time. Self-directed and self-paced is my favorite way to learn.

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