Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review: Blood Magic by Eileen Wilks

Blood Magic
Author: Eileen Wilks
Publication: Berkley; Original edition (February 2, 2010)

Summary from Amazon: Lily Yu and Lupi prince Rule Turner have a bigger problem than their families not accepting their impending human/werewolf mixed marriage. A powerful ancient nemesis of Lily's grandmother has come to San Diego to turn the city into a feeding ground.

My Thoughts: Even with a TBR stack in the mid three digits some books immediately make it to the top when they arrive. This book by Eileen Wilks qualifies. I am entranced with the characters of Lily Yu and Rule Turner. And Grandmother! Don't get me started on why I love the dangerous, inscrutable, and fascinating Grandmother. Lady and tiger, wow!

Lily, former police detective and current FBI agent with the magical crimes division, is supposed to be planning her wedding to Lupi prince, poster boy, and public face, Rule Turner but she is dragging her feet and doesn't really know why. She is also involved with a very dangerous magical character that wants to take over San Diego and is spreading fear and illusions throughout the city.

We get to revisit other favorite characters in this episode too as Lily plans a baby shower for Cynna and Cullen's baby during which Cullen is stabbed in the heart and prevented from healing by a spell cast by a sorcerer who can make even werewolves see things that aren't there. We learn a lot about Grandmother's past since she fought this evil character before. And we spend time with the dragon known as Sam who is also inscrutable and who is nudging everyone to a gain a result only he can see.

I find this combination of werewolves, dragons and magic to be irresistable. The last page says that Blood Challenge is coming soon. I really hope that our definitions of "soon" agree. I want the next book NOW. For more about Eileen Wilks, visit her website here.

Challenges: RYOB Challenge

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