Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June 2011 in Summary

June was a wonderful reading month for me. I managed to read a book a day which is especially impressive when you consider that I worked through June 7 and traveled all day on June 8 and didn't really concentrate on reading until June 9.

Check out my spreadsheet to see all the details. I list all the books I read there and indicate which of my 2011 challenges they meet.

  • Of the 11 YA books I read, 5 were by debut authors
  • 17 of this month's books were ebooks.
  • I re-read a series of 10 science fiction books on my Kindle
  • 12 of the books I read were romances but only 2 were paranormal romances
Books read: 30
Pages read: 10,602

Jan. 1 - June 30: 135 books and 43,658 pages read

I have reviewed all but one of the books I read in June though some of the reviews haven't been posted yet. I didn't review the biography William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Anderson but I did learn a number of interesting details.

My favorite reading activity this month was my re-read of 10 books in the Liaden Universe series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. These are prime comfort reads for me because they are a wonderful combination of romance and adventure in a well-developed future world. 

Books added to the TBR Mountain: 69
  • 58 are still TBR
  • 20 are books for review
  • 38 were ebooks with 9 of them being free
TBR Mountain: 1111


  1. You had a decent month! Happy July reading!


  2. WOOT WOOT Kat! That is called making the most of your summer vacation :)

  3. Wow, what a productive month! Very impressive!


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