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Review: Called Home: Two Hearts Answer by Gloria Schumann

Called Home: Two Hearts Answer
Author: Gloria Schumann
Publication: Savant Books & Publications LLC (May 8, 2010)

Description: Emma Benson's view of life was crafted by the death of her brother as a child, abandonment by her father and later, the man she trusted she would marry, until David Schlosser-back in town after years in New York writing best-selling novels-threatens her neatly tended life. Romance blooms. Emma and David eventually persevere in the face of tragedy, refusing to leave their dreams behind.

My Thoughts: This story had the potential to be a good romantic suspense novel but it just missed for me. I never really got a good feel for the characters even though they each described their emotions in excruciating detail. I think that the overabundance of description overwhelmed the story for me. It is my preference as a reader to learn about the characters through what they say and do. In the show me-tell me continuum, I prefer stories on the show me end. This one was way over on the "tell me" and of the continuum.

The basic concept of a woman named Emma home to help her mother save the family farm and dealing with negative feelings about men because her boyfriend of two years cheated on her and dumped her and David who is a successful author who wants to come home from the city to live a life that he feels is more real was a good one. My problem was the the heroine was so abrasive and verbally dismissive and rude at the beginning that I couldn't understand why the hero bothered with her. 

The suspense portion of the story with attacks of mischief and vandalism and an attempted rape were never really compelling for me. The resolution also fizzled because it happened so quickly and seemed so senseless. I'm still not sure which acts of vandalism were caused by villain #1 and which were caused by villain #2.

Readers who like lush description and great detail about what the characters are thinking would enjoy this one much more than I did. It just wasn't my style.

Favorite Quote:
"Fine, have it your way. I think you might be one of the only people who is actually more crabby after an all day sleep than more cheerful."

"I reserve it for you. Plus you seem to have a way of irritating me without effort. It must be a talent of yours." She stood, swaying a bit.
I received a PDF of this one for review from the author. You can get your copy here.

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