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Review: Sympathy for the Devil by Justin Gustainis

Sympathy for the Devil
Author: Justin Gustainis
Publication: Solaris; 1 edition (July 26, 2011)

Description: Senator Howard Stark wants to be President of the United States. So does the demon inside him. With the competing candidates dropping out due to scandal, blackmail, and ‘accidental’ death, Stark looks like a good bet to go all the way to the White House. And if he gets there, Hell on Earth will follow.

Occult investigator Quincey Morris and white witch Libby Chastain are determined to stop this evil conspiracy. But between them and Stark stand the dedicated agents of the US Secret Service – as well as the very forces of Hell itself. Quincey and Libby will risk everything to exorcise the demon possessing Stark. If they fail, ‘Hail to the Chief’ will become a funeral march – for all of us.

My Thoughts: This was another exciting episode in the Morris and Chastain series. Quincy Morris begins the story in a depressed state after an exorcism goes wrong. He feels guilt for what he feels were mistakes on his part. The priest who was conducting the exorcism and who is a friend of Quincy's was blinded by the demon inside the teenage girl. When Libby has trouble contacting Quincy, she visits him in Texas and helps to pull him out of his depression and self-destructive behavior. Just in time too....

Suspicions have been raised that one of the Republican presidential hopefuls - Howard Stark - might be a demon. Quincy and Libby are being asked to investigate. Libby is brought in when one of Stark's political opponents dies in a freak accident at home. Libby smells black magic at the scene and has her suspicions raised.

It seems that there are factions in Hell. One group of demons supports Stark's bid for the White House while a second group opposes it. The second group has returned a CIA assassin killed in 1983 to life and tasked him with killing Stark. He is Mal Peters. He has as his partner a fourth rank demon known as Ashley. Half the story is told from their points of view as they try to find a way to kill Stark.

Both groups come together after an assassination attempt on Stark is thwarted by Libby's actions. But they soon realize that their goals are the same - removing the demon from Stark's body and returning it to Hell before it can cause Armageddon. Only their ways of accomplishing the goal is different. They end up working together in a thrilling climax to the story.

The thing I like best about the Morris and Chastain series is how very real and possible it all seems. The paranormal is interwoven so seamlessly with reality as I know it. The world building is fascinating and well done. I recommend the series to all lovers of urban fantasy.


Favorite Quote:
"No offense, but I thought you guys had already been defeated," Peters said.

"Yes, I know. But this is supposed to involve a deeper pit, hotter fires, and I don't know what all. The scriptural references are not exactly clear."

"And you believe that's what happens -- you lose again?"

"Not at all," the demon said, "Or, rather, not necessarily. What the other side calls prophecy we call propaganda - a word the Church itself invented. By the same token, even a broken watch is right twice a day."

"So you're not sure."
I bought this one because I enjoyed the previous books in the series. You can get your copy here.

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  1. That sounds really interesting. I love it when the paranormal world is woven so well into the real one. I'll have to check these books out! Thanks for sharing.


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