Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Review: Lowcountry Punch by Boo Walker

Lowcountry Punch
Author: Boo Walker
Publication: Amazon Digital Services (Oct. 28, 2011)

Description: After the worst Christmas Eve of his life, DEA Agent T.A. Reddick leaves Miami for the magical city of Charleston, South Carolina, hoping a return to his roots will heal a broken heart and the guilt of killing a friend. The sleepy and sultry town of Charleston is filled with echoes of the Old South: genteel playboys, society debutantes, and quiet cobblestone streets. But as Reddick will soon discover, there's danger lurking under her charming veneer. When a movie star's death shines a national spotlight on Charleston's underground cocaine trade, he must go undercover to find the main supplier and shut him down. As a hurricane bears down on the port city and the DEA gets ready to spring its trap, Reddick must contend with more than he ever could have imagined.

Brash and bold, TA Reddick is a hero you won’t soon forget. Lowcountry Punch is an action-packed novel that will have you on your knees begging for more.

My Thoughts: This was a strong and suspenseful story about DEA agent T. A. Reddick. He is reeling from a Christmas Eve when he shoots and kills a good friend and then comes home to find out that his fiance has left a Dear John letter on the counter. Of course the friend was a dirty cop attempting a drug buy with his brother at the time of his death but that doesn't help T.A.'s guilt. He becomes persona non grata in Miami since the Miami cops don't like cop killers no matter how much cause there might be. He transfers back to Charleston, SC. He spent boyhood summers there. That is where he met the girl who left him on Christmas Eve. In fact, she was the girl next door. T.A. has moved back into the family home and her parents still live next door.

T.A. just starts to settle into his new life and job when he meets a woman. Liz is an artist from Charleston who now lives in New York City. She is back in town for the summer teaching at the University. T.A. falls hard but his romance is complicated by preparing to go under cover to bring down a big cocaine network. He has to break the relationship off when he learns that Liz's ex-boyfriend is the target of the investigation. That doesn't leave T.A. woman-free though. He is being pursued by a woman named Stephanie that he dated just once. She is following him around and threatening to mess up his investigation. She just can't seem to understand that there is nothing between them and nothing she does is going to make T.A. want to be with her. She is a classic stalker.

The story is told in the first person which gives a good view into T.A.'s mind and thoughts. But it does leave the actions of his fleeing fiance and his new girlfriend Liz a little bit more obscure. And tight first person does take some of the suspense out of the scenes where our hero is facing down a gun in the hands of an enraged drug dealer. After all, he lives to tell the story.

This was a fine suspense novel with an intriguing but very human main character. T.A. is a chameleon as all undercover officers have to be. He is quick tempered and impulsive. He is also an excellent musician who plays the banjo and knows a lot about jazz. I recommend the story to those who like edge of the seat thrills and who want to meet T.A. 

Favorite Quote:
I will forever compare all women and moments to Liz and the way I saw her that night. The way she moved toward me. The way she moved me. The way she looked right down to the core of my being. The absolute definition of sensuality there before me. The Thievery Corporation's "Un Simple Histoire" played in the background with Lou Lou's French vocals laced over a beat that might have been written for that night.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. You can buy a copy for your Kindle here.

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