Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Promo: A Girl Named Summer by Julie Garwood

I recently received an intriguing email from a contact at Penguin Group. Here is what it said:

Just weeks before the release of her newest book, SWEET TALK, we are rekindling the romance of #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood’s debut novel, A GIRL NAMED SUMMER, now available as an eBook for the very first time!  

As Julie – who has now published 28 bestsellers - says, “When I wrote it in 1984, I never imagined it would one day be read on an e-reader or a tablet, so I am particularly pleased to share it as an e-book.  I haven’t changed a word of it and offer it to you in the spirit of the times that it was written.” A tale for mothers to share with their daughters and for women to remember what it feels like to fall in love for the first timepersonally I think it’s a timeless romance that still translates.

This ebook goes on sale June 26th for $3.99

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  1. I loved her book The Secret. Will definitely go and find this book to read! I hope other older published authors will follow suit.


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