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ARC Review: Chilled by Kendra Elliot

Chilled (A Bone Secrets Novel)
Author: Kendra Elliot
Publication: Montlake Romance (August 14, 2012)

Description: As a forensic nurse on a search and rescue team, Brynn Nealey braves a dangerous blizzard to find the survivors of a plane crash in the Cascade Mountains. Joining her is Alex Kinton, a former US marshal with self-destructive tendencies. Alex lies his way onto Brynn’s team to find the man who killed his brother—and then return the favor. But once the team members reach the plane’s wreckage, they discover everyone aboard has perished…except for the man Alex is hunting. Alex will do whatever it takes to track his target through the vast, snowy wilderness.

As the temperatures drop, however, so do Alex’s defenses. His contact with the sharp, kindhearted Brynn makes his lust for vengeance difficult to reconcile with his growing feelings for a woman who risks her life to help others. What will happen to Alex’s savage instincts when he finally has the opportunity to confront his brother’s killer?

In Chilled, the next thrilling tale in the Bone Secrets saga, Golden Heart finalist Kendra Elliot weaves an icy tale of cold nights, cold hearts, and cold-blooded killers.

My Thoughts: A snowstorm in March. The rugged Cascade Mountains. A plane crash with two pilots, a US Marshal and a serial killer aboard. Brynn, a nurse on a search and rescue team, and her teammates have to try to see if there is anyone they can save. Former US Marshal Alex Kinton lies his way onto the team. He was fired as a US Marshal but he is convinced that the serial killer - Darrin Besand - killed his mentally handicapped brother. He is self-destructive and determined on revenge. 

As the team travels into the mountain they need to battle the weather and the rugged terrain to get to the plane crash. There they discover that the pilots and the Marshal are dead but Besand is missing. One of the team is hurt and the weather keeps them from leaving immediately. Alex wants to stay alone to search for Besand by Brynn isn't going to let that happen. She isn't going to leave him with a serial killer in the area. Add in an avalanche that almost kills Alex and causes the team to lose half their packs and the danger keeps increasing. 

Just to complicate things further Alex is convinced that someone in the Marshal's Office is trying to let Besand escape. The arguments Alex had with his superior about the lax guarding of Besand led to his being fired. And Alex is right. His corrupt superior officer has sent his own team of two Marshals into the mountains too with orders to kill Alex.

This was is filled with tension and danger. Brynn, who has ended a relationship with someone who wants to smother her, is surprised to feel attraction to Alex. And when Liam - her smothering boyfriend - joins the group after he and his brother crash their helicopter while searching for the rescue team, she has to deal with the tensions between Liam and Alex. 

Fans of thrillers will enjoy this story and the budding relationship between Alex and Brynn. Watching Alex come to terms with his brother's death and become reacquainted with his values because of contact with kind and dedicated Brynn made this a very satisfying story. And Darrin is a really creepy villain. Being empty of emotion himself, he causes pain and kills so that he can feel something. He has been getting high off Alex's pain for a while but is determined to kill him now. Even on a hot August day, this one sent chills up my spine.

Favorite Quote:
Alex tried not to stare at Brynn as she hiked away to check on Ryan. Even under the thick coat she pulled his attention. It was the way she carried herself, the way she moved smoothly like she'd been walking through the outdoors all her life. She always showed confidence and a clear head, and he liked to watch her whether she was throwing a stick for her dog or standing her ground with Jim and Thomas. And himself.
I received this ARC through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your copy here.

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