Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Memes: Grave of Angels by Michael Prescott

Happy Friday everybody!
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Grave of Angels by Michael Prescott has reached to top of my review stack. I got this mystery from Amazon Vine for review. Here is the description:
Kate Malick’s first calling was as a Carmelite nun, a life devoted to prayer and faith. Now she runs a Hollywood security service dedicated to protecting its clients. But Kate’s most troublesome client, teenage celebutante Chelsea Brewer, is a walking, talking, slow-motion train wreck who’s testing that devotion. The poster child for the pitfalls of childhood fame and fortune, Chelsea careens from one party to the next, riding the ragged edge between celebrity…and fatality.

When a huge bet is placed on her impending demise, Chelsea disappears, forcing Kate to leap into action. Searching Hollywood’s darkest corners and seediest hiding places in a desperate attempt to find her client, Kate uncovers a tangled conspiracy of revenge and betrayal. But time is running out, and if Kate doesn’t find Chelsea, the bet will leave one person rich, one woman shattered, and one young girl dead. Flying at a breakneck pace and full of unrelenting tension, Grave of Angels journeys full-tilt into the dark side of fame.
Swann sat at a corner table, dressed to be invisible, as he always was on a night when there was killing to be done.
Friday 56:
She slammed the Jaguar into park alongside a fire hydrant. Stepping out of the car, she speed-dialed Grange. No answer.
This book was released on August 7.


  1. That first line will grab your attention

  2. I like the 56 better... let me know it's suspenseful!

  3. Oh, I love those first lines.

  4. Great choice! I've never heard of this book but it's going on my wishlist now!

    Here's my Friday Meme

  5. She had a real job change. Sounds like a really fast paced thriller. Here is my post:

  6. Sounds sort of gruesome ... and with a name like Swann!

  7. Oh, I love the synopsis for this! And great beginning and line!


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