Wednesday, November 7, 2012

September & October Reading Report

My how time flies when you are busy! I just noticed that I didn't do a September reading report. So I am combining the last two months here. Here is my reading spreadsheet which has a lot more details about what I read.

The basic overall theme of the last two months has been trying to catch up on my review books. I read sixteen books in September and 14 of them were books I had for review. I read eighteen books in October and all of them were review books. In September I read a total of 5891 pages and in October I read a total of 6068 pages.

Year to date stats:

  • I have read 232 books
  • I have read 73,992 pages
  • I have read 117 Young Adult books
  • I have read 150 review books
  • I have read 83 ebooks

In September, nine of the sixteen books were young adult books. In October, ten of the eighteen books were young adult. While all of the young adult books were enjoyable, my favorites were The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clark and The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa.

My favorite adult books over the last two months were Delusion in Death by J. D. Robb, which was one of two non-review books I read in the past two months, and Dangerous Affairs by Diana Miller which was a review book I got from Amazon Vine. Most of my adult review books were romantic suspense titles.
Adding to the Pile

In September, I added 40 books to my LibraryThing account. Thirty-five of them are still unread. Six of them were review books. In October, I added 35 books to my collection. Sixteen of them were books for review and 29 of them are still unread.

I currently have 1405 books in my LibraryThing marked TBR. Twenty-eight of them are books that I have for review. My library at LibraryThing contains a total of 5602 books.

Reorganizing and Weeding the Shelves

Over the course of the last week, I have been weeding my bookshelves which are filled to overflowing. I have removed 575 books so far. I still have the letters M - Z to sort through.
Bags of Discards (5 bags not shown)
I have to get the TBR books out of baskets and boxes and on shelves. I can't find a thing!
Adult TBR Books
I think I probably have shelf space for about 3000 books (thank heavens for my Kindle!) and have to reduce the size of my physical book collection or buy a bigger house. While a bigger house is tempting, getting rid of books I have already read and don't plan to read again is the more realistic choice.

Do you buy books? What do you do with them after you have read them? Please tell me I am not the only person about to be buried in books.

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