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ARC Review: Behind the Lies by Robin Perini

Behind the Lies
Author: Robin Perini
Publication: Montlake Romance (April 23, 2013)

Description: Of the six Montgomery brothers, Zach has always walked on the wild side. He rocketed to fame playing a hero in a movie, but offscreen he’s living in the shadows. Zach’s dark secret: he leads a double life as a CIA operative. When a mission to stalk a terrorist goes horribly wrong, Zach’s cover is blown. He’s on the run and fighting to stay alive long enough to discover whom he can trust—and who betrayed him.

Jenna Walters thought she’d married the perfect man—until she unearthed his terrible secret. Now, desperate to escape his crosshairs, she and her son take refuge in Zach’s secret hideaway. Sparks fly between Zach and Jenna even as danger explodes around them.

From Afghanistan to Turkey to the mountains of Colorado, assassins track them and are closing in. Not only is Zach’s life at stake, but now Jenna and her son are targets in this high stakes game.

Golden Heart Winner and seven-time finalist, Robin Perini offers up another page-turner.

My Thoughts: BEHIND THE LIES was an action-packed romantic thriller. Jenna was fleeing with her five-year-old son Sam from her husband. She had learned that he was an assassin, turned him in to the FBI, but was betrayed by the FBI and had to run for her life. Zach Montgomery, whose cover as a B class actor hid his CIA agent reality, was also on the run as it looked like he had been betrayed by someone in his own agency. 

Though Zach had good intentions of setting Jenna and Sam up in a new life far away from the danger he presented, each set of enemies was too close to converging on them for him to put the plans into action. Zach, Jenna and Sam had to deal with car accidents, houses exploding around them, and the hazards or running through the mountains at night. 

Jenna had tried to protect her son from the reality of his father but Sam knew that he hit her and thought that was how husbands treated their wives. It wasn't until he saw how Zach treated Jenna that he began to understand how men should treat women. Of course, it helped that Zach had played the Dark Avenger in one of his movies and that Sam already thought of the Dark Avenger as a hero. 

Even though he doesn't want too, Zach ends up bringing Jenna and Sam home with him to seek the aid of his brothers. Zach had been staying away because he felt responsible for their father's death. But the Montgomery boys are very formidable when they all get together. Together they take on an insane Afghan terrorist who wants revenge on Zach for the death of his sister, Jenna's assassin husband, and a rogue CIA agent on the way to a happy ending for Zach, Jenna and Sam. 

This was a real page turner. I look forward to reading more stories about the Montgomery brothers and can't wait for Robin Perini to finish writing them. 

Favorite Quote:
Jenna didn't want to lean on Zach Montgomery. She didn't want to rely on anyone. Not again. She had to find the scrappy kid she'd hidden away when Brad found her. The girl who could pick a pocket without her target having a clue; the girl who could hot-wire a car in thirty seconds, not the minute it had taken her to start Zach's truck; the girl who'd survived on her own for two years carelessly overseen by an uncle whose best friends were paid to break kneecaps. Until he vanished, leaving her homeless and hungry.
I got this ARC through Amazon Vine. You can buy your copy here.

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