Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Memes: Evidence of Life by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Happy Friday everybody!
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This week I am spotlighting a book that has been on my review stack for quite a while. Evidence of Life by Barbara Taylor Sissel was sent to me because I was on the blog tour for the book. My post was an excerpt and I didn't have a chance to read the book until now. The book was released on March 26. Here is the description:
On the last ordinary day of her life, Abby Bennett feels like the luckiest woman alive. But everyone knows that luck doesn't last forever…

As her husband, Nick, and daughter, Lindsey, embark on a weekend camping trip to the Texas Hill Country, Abby looks forward to having some quiet time to herself. She braids Lindsey's hair, reminds Nick to drive safely and kisses them both goodbye. For a brief moment, Abby thinks she has it all—a perfect marriage, a perfect life—until a devastating storm rips through the region, and her family vanishes without a trace.

When Nick and Lindsey are presumed dead, lost in the raging waters, Abby refuses to give up hope. Consumed by grief and clinging to her belief that her family is still alive, she sets out to find them. But as disturbing clues begin to surface, Abby realizes that the truth may be far more sinister than she imagined. Soon she finds herself caught in a current of lies that threaten to unhinge her and challenge everything she once believed about her marriage and family.

With a voice that resonates with stunning clarity, Barbara Taylor Sissel delivers a taut and chilling mystery about a mother's love, a wife's obsession and the invisible fractures that can shatter a family.
On the last ordinary day of her life before her family went off for the weekend, Abby made a real breadfast—French toast with maple syrup and bacon.
Friday 56:
She and Nick had planned the approach to the house deliberately in a way that would cause a driver to slow and take time to admire the view, but turning onto her street now, her stomach was in knots even as her head filled with ruthless, foolish hope.


  1. Wow, this sounds like an intense book! The description really gives you a feeling of suspense and makes you want to know what happened to them.

  2. I read this, though at the wrong time in my life, and liked it.
    My childhood friend had just been murdered after I had already started this book. With the sensitive subject matter, it was tough at times to get through, but in the end, was still a great story. Very well written too.
    Can't wait to read your thoughts on it.

  3. Ooh, I have a sense of foreboding here....thanks for sharing.


  4. Doesn't sound like things are going to go well for her.

    My Friday Hops

  5. This sounds really powerful - look forward to your review.


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