Thursday, May 2, 2013

ARC Review: An Affair of Deceit by Jamie Michele

An Affair of Deceit
Author: Jamie Michele
Publication: Montlake Romance (April 30, 2013)

Description: Diligent attorney Abigail Mason doesn’t have a lot of time—not for the father, a legendary spymaster, who abandoned her years ago, and not for the charming CIA agent who’s suddenly asking questions about his whereabouts. But her interest is definitely piqued—just what has her father done to find himself in the agency’s crosshairs?

A trained psychologist, Agent James Riley doesn’t need his degree to figure out that the persistent, sexy Abigail will be a problem—both for his investigation and his heart. And while he needs her cooperation, he’s not ready for the hands-on, dangerous role she insists on taking in the search for her father.

As the two uncover startling truths about a secretive past, can Riley shield the woman he’s come to love from a madman who wants her to pay for the sins of her father?

This pulse-pounding sequel to An Affair of Vengeance tests the strength of love against the crippling power of lies.

My Thoughts: Abigail Mason is a driven lawyer who keeps her emotions well buried. She is still mourning her father's abandonment of her and her mother and self-identifying her feelings for her father as both anger and indifference. While she and her Chinese mother have made new lives for themselves in the USA, they are estranged.

When charismatic CIA agent James Riley comes to see Abigail, she finds that she isn't as over her father's abandonment as she had thought. James tells her that her father has recently disappeared in Europe and was possibly kidnapped by gun running loony Lukas Kral. While Abigail professes not to care about her father, she still wants some sort of closure and wants to know why he abandoned her. She decides to investigate herself.

She and James meet up again in Europe and combine their investigations. Each is fascinated with the other but, while James is more open in his feelings, both of them have hidden secrets. 

There were a vast number of coincidences in this story. James' and Abigail's parents knew each other when they were children. Both were raised by their mothers after James' father's death and Abigail's father's disappearance. Both have mothers who know a lot more than they are willing to tell their now grown children about the past. 

Abigail was a hard character for me to understand in this story. She was so closed off emotionally that I didn't really connect with her. James was apparently much more open, cheerful, and optimistic but he still had a lot of hidden depths.

There was something about this story that kept me from really engaging in it. I can't identify what is was though. The writing was nicely descriptive and flowed well but somehow I just wasn't swept into the story. While there was nothing wrong with the book, it just wasn't the book for me. 

Favorite Quote:
His freshly shaven face felt as soft as a kitten's nose as he leaned in. Over the trace of soap Abigail smelled his familiar cologne, something akin to an herbal bouquet simmering in black tea. Unusual, but it seemed natural on him. For a moment, she wanted to press her whole body against his and tuck her head under his chin like a child, safe and warm.

But she didn't. Aching with frustration at her self-imposed restraint, she kept her hands at her sides when his lips brushed like a butterfly against her cheek.
I chose this title from Amazon Vine. You can buy your copy here.

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