Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review: Deception Cove by Jayne Castle

Deception Cove
Author: Jayne Castle
Publication: Jove (August 27, 2013)

Description: In the world of Harmony, Rainshadow Island is home to a mysterious preserve, secrets that have been kept for centuries, and a treasure worth killing for…
As a light-talent, Alice North has the rare ability to make things disappear, including herself—a gift that comes in handy during her magic act with her dust bunny Houdini.
Business mogul Drake Sebastian is day-blind, since his sight was nearly destroyed in a lab accident. But he’s the one man who can see Alice when she disappears—and he needs her.
On Rainshadow Island, two dangerous Old World crystals are missing, igniting a paranormal storm. Drake thinks Alice is the key to finding them, and proposes they head there, but only after a Marriage of Convenience.
Alice’s honeymoon on Rainshadow is guaranteed to be memorable, as the island—and the passion between her and Drake—is about to explode…

My Thoughts: How can you go wrong with a book that has dust bunnies? Alice's dust bunny companion is Houdini which a quite an appropriate name for a bunny that is part of a magic act. Alice has been trying to make a go of it as a magician using her light talent which lets her disappear. She is being harassed by the mother of the man she entered into a Marriage of Convenience with. When he was found dead, his mother blamed Alice. Really, he had tried to kill her on their honeymoon on Rainshadow Island. 

Now Drake Sebastian has found her. He wants her to go with him to Rainshadow Island because paranormal forces are going out of control and he hopes they will be able to stop them. Drake also convinces Alice to enter into a Marriage of Convenience. This one is quite different though because they both fall in love. 

I like the Rainshadow series by Jayne Castle because it is futuristic romance. I like the world that she has created with psychic talents, strong family bonds, and all sorts of alien ruins and artifacts. I also like the romances which pair up strong characters who are lucky enough to find their perfect mates.

For a fun futuristic romance, Jayne Castle can't be beat.

Favorite Quote:
"I do realize that, as honeymoons go, this one is probably not going to make any woman's top-ten list," he said.

"Now, see, that's where you're wrong," Alice said. "It's all a matter of perspective. I can promise you that this honeymoon is a lot more fun than my last one."


"Hey, this time my husband isn't trying to murder me. He's saving me from giant cockroaches."

"I like your glass-half-full attitude."
I bought this book. You can buy your copy here

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