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Book Review: Who Needs Enemies

Who Needs Enemies
Author: Keri Arthur
Publication: IGLA (August 28, 2013)

Description: Harriet Phillecky is a rare part elf, part siren and wanted by neither race. Not that she really cares. A successful news photographer turned paranormal investigator, she now has a 'family' of friends that includes ogres who constantly raid her refrigerator and take over her TV, and a dragon who drinks far too much for his own good.

But when the only elvan relative she has any contact with asks her to investigate the disappearance of a siren, she finds herself unable to refuse.

All too quickly the disappearance becomes murder, relatives come out of the woodwork, and a man she'd much rather forget steps back into her life. Harri wants nothing more than to run—especially when the evidence beats a path to the doors of those who'd long ago abandoned her. But when the life she's created for herself comes under threat, Harri has little choice but to hunt down a killer—before everything she holds dear is destroyed.

My Thoughts: Harri Phillecky is a former newspaper photographer turned private eye. She is also half siren and half elf and not accepted by either side of her family. She isn't like her siren mother though she understands and accepts her lifestyle. Nor is she acknowledged by her elf father whose relationship with a siren is a matter of great embarrassment to him.

When her elven Uncle Lyle comes to her to have her find out what happened to his siren girlfriend Mona, Harri is back in the middle of things she would rather not relive. Her Uncle Lyle is the only one who has acknowledged her at all mostly because he is just as much an outcast as she is. And he doesn't consider her family.

Harri quickly discovers that Mona has been killed and the missing person case has become a murder case. Mona was living in a building owned by Harri's half-brother Val and had her other half-brother Gilroy as one of her clients. Harri quickly has more suspects than she knows what to do with.

Harri is also busy trying to help her friend Keale who is a dragon. Keale has a reputation for flying drunk but this time he hit a helicopter and killed the four people inside. Only Keale has no idea what he was doing in the area and swears he hadn't been drinking. She is certain that he was drugged. She calls on her Uncle Lyle who is a lawyer to represent Keale and make sure he is drug tested.

Adding even more emotional intensity to the story is the fact that Harri's ex Kaij has been called back to town to investigate Mona's death. They split apart after Harri miscarried their daughter. Harri, at least, hasn't been able to move on and we get some hints that Kaij isn't as over the relationship as he would like Harri to believe.

The story is filled with twists and turns and all sorts of fantastical creatures from the ogres who are Harri's friends and who visit frequently to drink her beer and watch football on her big screen to the trolls who are hired by the villain to beat Harri up and get some evidence back. Sirens, elves, witches, and dragons also populate this world.

This story was fun to read. I enjoyed learning about Harri and hope she has more adventures.

Favorite Quote:
"Just be careful, won't you?" Val caught my hand and squeezed it gently. "You may not be much of a sister, but you're all I've got."

"Don't worry, little brother," I said, "I intend to be her to ignore and neglect you for many years yet."

"Such a sweet thing to say. You'd better go before I get all teary."
This one is from my TBR pile. You can buy your copy here.

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