Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ARC Review: Find Me by Tiffany Snow

Find Me
Author: Tiffany Snow
Series: Corrupted Hearts (Book 3)
Publication: Montlake Romance (September 19, 2017)

Description: As the head of the government’s secret Vigilance spy program, computer guru China Mack already has her hands full when her billionaire boyfriend, Jackson Cooper, asks for one of them in marriage.

Thrown for a loop by the sudden proposal, China’s usually well-ordered life takes another hit when someone tries to assassinate the president. Even that comes with a shocking twist: the primary suspect is none other than her ex-partner, Clark Slattery. With nowhere else to turn, the sexy loner needs China’s help and expertise. Clark has linked the assassination attempt to a failed secret operation undertaken six years ago—and a deadly cover-up that’s putting the leader of the free world in the crosshairs. But the president isn’t the only one in harm’s way.

Now, China is going to have to dig deep for information that’s beyond even her clearance. And what she discovers may have far-reaching consequences for her life and everyone else in it.

My Thoughts: This episode begins with a fancy Valentine's Day date with China's boyfriend Jackson that ends with him proposing marriage. China is not at all sure that she is ready for marriage or wants to marry Jackson and is saved from answering his proposal when she gets a call saying the President has been shot.

She heads in to her secret workplace where she learns that surveillance video shows that the shooter looks suspiciously like her former partner Clark Slattery. When Clark comes to her with a bullet wound and asking for help, China finds herself trying to investigate who tried to kill the president and who shot Clark.

It also looks like whoever shot Clark isn't finished trying to kill him. She and Jackson wind up in a car accident which totals the brand new car Jackson just gave her. Clark and Jackson are both rivals for China's love and really don't like each other. But the three of them have to team up to find out who wants them dead.

Around the danger and investigation, a lot of this one is about China deciding which of these two hot - but very different - men is the right man for her. I liked China who is a genius who is also quite quirky and really into fandom. I could see why she has such a hard time believing that anyone could love her after meeting her family and learning a secret from her past.

This was an excellent, fast-paced romantic suspense title with a wonderful group of characters.

Favorite Quote:
Clark had almost been blown up. One part of my brain tried to process that while another part went through the ramifications. "Who's after you? And why? Was this the first time something like that has happened? Wait...someone's trying to kill you and you came here?" My voice rose as each question only panicked me more.

He winced. "Okay, only dogs can hear you. Take it down a notch."
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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