Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Memes: The Human Division by John Scalzi

Happy Friday everybody!
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Ambassador Sara Bair knew that when the captain of the Polk had invited her to the bridge to view the skip to the Danavar system, protocol strongly suggested that she turn down the invitation.
Friday 56:
What the hell? Wilson thought. On his shuttle's forward monitor, on which he had pumped up light-source collection to see star patterns over the glare of his instrument panel, another star had become occluded. That was two in the last thirty seconds. There was some object in the path between him and the black box.
This week I am reading The Human Division by John Scalzi. This is the 5th book in the Old Man's War series. It has been on my TBR mountain since May 15, 2013. Here is the description from Amazon:
Following the events of The Last Colony, John Scalzi tells the story of the fight to maintain the unity of the human race.

The people of Earth now know that the human Colonial Union has kept them ignorant of the dangerous universe around them. For generations the CU had defended humanity against hostile aliens, deliberately keeping Earth an ignorant backwater and a source of military recruits. Now the CU's secrets are known to all. Other alien races have come on the scene and formed a new alliance―an alliance against the Colonial Union. And they've invited the people of Earth to join them. For a shaken and betrayed Earth, the choice isn't obvious or easy.

Against such possibilities, managing the survival of the Colonial Union won't be easy, either. It will take diplomatic finesse, political cunning…and a brilliant "B Team," centered on the resourceful Lieutenant Harry Wilson, that can be deployed to deal with the unpredictable and unexpected things the universe throws at you when you're struggling to preserve the unity of the human race.


  1. I like that beginning. Sounds like things are happening!

  2. Not sure I would select this book or series but I do love it when I find a series that I want to keep going on. Friday Quotes: Long Way Down

  3. Not my usual read, but it does sound interesting. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  4. Wow, since 2013, your TBR list sounds like mine! Hope you're enjoying it and your weekend.

  5. It's great to get to some of those older reads. I've got a ton of them myself.

  6. Never heard of this author and then all of a sudden it's like I see him :)


  7. I've heard of the author, but read nothing. I'd like to though. :-) Happy weekend!

  8. This sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! :)

  9. I love tackling the TBR and this looks like a great book to dig into. I hope that you enjoy it! :)

  10. I don't know this book, but thanks for sharing.

    2013 is a good year to start with for whittling down the TBR. :)

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

  11. I hope you enjoy this one! I really need too read more by Scalzi. I have his Old Man's War sitting on my TBR shelf.

  12. Hi Kathy,

    Ha! Nothing much has changed then, we are still trying to maintain the unity of the human race and faring as well as we are today by the sounds of things!

    Probably not one for me, but at least you are delving into your TBR pile :)


  13. It feels good to make a dent in that TBR mountain! Happy reading.

  14. I loved Lock In, so one of these days I'd like to try this series. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me


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