Tuesday, April 10, 2018

ARC Review: The Viridian Convict by Sam York

The Viridian Convict
Author: Sam York
Series: Blue Dominion
Publication: North Star Editions (April 10, 2018)

Description: The Godfather meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this crazy-ass adventure set on Viridian, a prison planet full of aliens…who want to eat you. Tig, the only human, is thrust into a lose/lose/lose situation when the mob boss he works for asks him to pick up and deliver a package that the Fed—the governing body of the known universe—also wants. To make matters worse, the “package” has curves for days, an attitude to match, and her own agenda for how this is all going down.

My Thoughts: Tig works as a muni on the prison planet of Viridian. Munis are enforcers of a sort for Granny who is the crime lord of the world. Tig happens to be the only human on the planet. He was a cop on Earth and framed when the planet was annexed by the Fed - short for Federation. Sentenced to the prison planet, he first became a drug addict. Now he is clean but torn between working for Granny and working for Mia who is a Fed who has something on him. Generally he has convinced himself not to care about things because he has no control over his life.

When he is tasked with picking up a package and bringing it to Granny, Mia interferes and orders him to bring the package to the Sisterhood. Tig picks up the package which turns out to be a lovely girl but he isn't the only one who wants her and she isn't okay with being anyone's package.

Tig finds and loses the girl he calls Angel a few times. Rumor has it that she has a package that will make anyone who controls her rich. The Swans, also known as the Cluckers, capture her a couple of times. It also seems that whenever Tig does manage to catch up with her, his enemies aren't far behind and his private informants and his few friends are killed whenever he calls on them for help.

This was a twisty science fiction story where everyone except Tig have bunches of hidden motives for their actions. He isn't quite TSTL -Too Stupid to Live - but he seems a little clueless and too trusting for someone who has survived ten years on a very hostile planet.

The story was fast-paced and reminded me a bit of a noir mystery. Tig is the same sort of character as the detectives in those stories - hard-boiled, tough, graphic vocabulary, and unsentimental but a sucker for a beautiful woman. I'll be eager to see where this series goes next.

Favorite Quote:
Both of my options came with lethal consequences.

Do as Mia asked, and Granny would flay me alive.

Stay loyal to Granny and Mia would see me executed.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Mmm...I wonder which young guy isn't a sucker for beautiful women. :-)


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