Thursday, February 7, 2019

Book Review: Nightchaser by by Amanda Bouchet

Author: Amanda Bouchet
Series: Endeavor, Book 1
Publication: Sourcebooks Casablanca (January 1, 2019)

Description: Tess Bailey: the galaxy's Most Wanted.

Captain Tess Bailey is in deep trouble. She and her crew are on the run, pursued by a tyrant who'll take them dead or alive. Tess's best hope is a tall, dark, and much-too-appealing stranger, Shade Ganavan, who says he can help her. But his motivations are far from clear...

Shade Ganavan: arrogance, charm...and that special something that makes you want to kick him.

With the dreaded Dark Watch closing in, what Tess and Shade don't know about each other might get them killed...unless they can set aside their differences and learn to trust each other before it's too late.

My Thoughts: This space opera begins a new series. Tess Bailey is a orphan rebel with a mysterious past. Shade Ganavan is the bounty hunter who wants to bring her in to get the money to buy back the business his father lost to gamblers. They meet when Tess and her crew stop at his planet in need of urgent ship repairs and fleeing the Dark Watch who wants to recover her and the lab she stole.

Shade is conflicted about turning Tess in. The more he gets to know her, the more he likes her and her cause. In fact, they fall in love. But Shane isn't the only bounty hunter on her trail. When others come and Tess learns that he is also a bounty hunter, her sense of betrayal ruins her relationship with Shade.

The book has plenty of action as Tess and her crew get in and out of danger. Secrets are learned.

This was an okay space opera. There was nothing wrong with it, but there was nothing new or original about it either. It hits most of the space opera tropes but doesn't add anything to the genre. Readers looking for another space opera will enjoy this one. Readers who are fans of Bouchet's writing will also enjoy this one.

Favorite Quote:
"As a leader, fear will only get you so far, and for so long. Never, in the long history of humanity, has tyranny not ended in revolt. The Overseer would destroy our books and burn our past to hide it, but the outcome is always the same. Always, Tess. Some wars lasted days, some centuries. Some spanned regions, others spanned worlds. There is an ebb and flow. Even if we win this day, for our lifetime and maybe beyond, tyranny will rise again. And then revolt. There will always be those who impose. And there will always be those who would die for the right to self-determination."

"It sounds hopeless," I said. "An endless cycle."

"A cycle in the long span of things, but you are alive noew, and this is your time to influence events and outcomes."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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