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Book Review: Thrice Burned by Angela Misri

Thrice Burned
Author: Angela Misri
Series: A Portia Adams Adventure (Book 2)
Publication: Self-Published (March 22, 2017)

Description: If you play with fire, you could get burned

Portia is still reeling from finding out that her guardian, is actually the infamous Irene Adler and her grandmother. As if finding that out wasn’t shocking enough, the revelation that Sherlock Holmes is her grandfather has Portia feeling betrayed by her mother who took the secrets of Portia’s lineage to the grave with her.

As a diversion Portia throws herself into work and continues to consult with Scotland Yard on their hard-to-crack cases including a brazen theft that the perpetrator boasted about before it took place as well as the disappearance of prostitutes. While on the case of an arsonist who’s plaguing London she meets Annie Coleson, a disgraced reporter who has clues that can help Portia solve the mystery. The women strike up a friendship and Annie starts to report on “P.C. Adams”, the consulting detective helping to keep London safe, with the promise to keep Portia’s true identity secret.

Downstairs neighbor and friend Constable Brian Dawes takes a shining to Annie just as Portia starts to question her feelings for the him. At the same time Portia garners the attention of Gavin Douglas Whitaker, a medical student and by all accounts Portia intellectual equal, who may just be the distraction from Brian that she needs.

As the press starts to show an interest in P.C. Adams, an impostor comes forward claiming to be the consulting detective and Portia must choose between remaining anonymous and letting the world know who the real P.C. Adams is.

My Thoughts: This episode has Portia working on, and solving, three cases that are baffling the officers at Scotland Yard. These cases include an arson case during which she meets disgraced reporter Annie Coleson. She solves the case even though it puts her in great physical danger and makes a friend in Annie.

Annie convinces her to let her write about Portia's cases while keeping her identity a secret. Portia is torn between her desire to be a lawyer and her desire to be a consulting detective. She's also torn between her downstairs neighbor Constable Brian Dawes and Dr. Gavin Whitaker who is more her intellectual equal though maybe they are too much alike.

When Brian begins courting Annie, Portia is torn between wanting his happiness and wanting his happiness to be with her. Meanwhile, she is coming to terms with her guardian turned grandmother Irene Jones who was once Irene Adler. Learning that Sherlock Holmes is her grandfather is also rocking her world.

But the cases keep coming along too. From a bold thief who threatens to remove a famous statue from the venue that is being used for a society wedding with over three hundred guests while the wedding is going on to disappearing prostitutes, Portia finds herself busy with cases that challenge her mind.

I like that Portia is becoming less of a recluse as these stories continue. It is good to see her building a circle of friends from many levels of society and connecting more with the world around her. And her new circle of friends comes in handy when an unscrupulous reporter finds someone to impersonate the new Consulting Detective P. C. Adams and just about ruins Portia's reputation with the police and threatens her anonymity.

Favorite Quote:
She glanced over my way, the wrinkles around her hazel eyes multiplied as she squinted. "Sherlock Holmes knows what he wants to know. He ignores what he doesn't. It was easier to believe the lie than accept the truth."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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