Tuesday, June 22, 2021

ARC Review: The Keepers by Jeffrey B. Burton

The Keepers

Jeffrey B. Burton
Series: Mace Reid K-9 Mystery, Book 2
Publication: Minotaur Books (June 29, 2021)

Description: Jeffrey B. Burton's The Keepers is the next installment of the Mace Reid K-9 series, featuring golden retriever cadaver dog Vira and her handler, Mason Reid.

Mason “Mace” Reid lives on the outskirts of Chicago and specializes in human remains detection―that is, he trains dogs to hunt for dead bodies. He calls his pack of cadaver dogs The Finders, and his prize pupil is a golden retriever named Vira.

When Mace Reid and Vira are called in to search Washington Park at three o'clock in the morning, what they find has them running for their very lives. The trail of murder and mayhem Mace and CPD Officer Kippy Gimm have been following leads them to uncover treachery and corruption at the highest level, and their discoveries do not bode well for them . . . nor for the Windy City itself.

The Keepersis an exciting, fast-paced mystery filled with courageous dogs you'll want to root for.

My Thoughts: Mace Reid is a twenty-something who trains cadaver dogs and is frequently hired by the Chicago Police Force. One of his dogs - golden retriever Vira - is something special. Besides being able to find dead bodies, she can also find the scent of the person who made them dead which has come in handy on some occasions. 

Mace is recently divorced but is beginning a new relationship with Officer Kippy Gimm who is determined to become a detective. She calls Mace in when one of his idols, one-hit-wonder Jonny Whiting, is found beaten to death in his condo. Mace and Vira manage to get in under the guise of Vira being a drug sniffing dog when she catches the scent of Jonny's killer. Kippy, her partner Wabs, and Mace begin an investigation to discover the murderer and Vira comes through.

Meanwhile, another series of murders are taking place in Chicago which include an investor in from Minneapolis and the head of a Police group dealing with organized crime. Mace in called in to try to locate the cop and does manage to find him. Vira also gets a scent of the killer and alerts when the Police Commissioner and his driver arrive at the scene. But finding evidence to convict a Police Commissioner without becoming a casualty themselves really tests the ability of Kippy, Wabs, and Mace and his dogs.

This was a real page turner that I really enjoyed. It was fast-paced and action-packed. I like Mace who isn't the smartest or the bravest guy in the room but who is completely devoted to his dogs and their welfare. I liked his growing relationship with Kippy. I liked that, while most of the story is from Mace's point-of-view, Kippy does get some point-of-view time too. 

Favorite Quote:
Wabiszewski went on, "Listen, I love Vira. If she were taller and brunette, I'd ask for her paw in marriage. And I know what she can do, but describing what Vira can do will make us sound like a bunch of fucking nutjobs and we'll get matching bunks in Lakeshore."
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. I enjoyed book 1 and maybe I can snag book 2. Glad you liked it and thanks for the heads up.


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