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Book Review: Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis

Get a Clue

Jill Shalvis
Publication: Kensington Books; Reprint edition (April 28, 2015)

Description: Two snowed-in travelers. One hotel room. And one dead body…

When Breanne Mooreland gets left at the altar, she decides the best thing to do is to go on her honeymoon alone. Of course, she loses her luggage along the way and ends up snowed in at a Sierra mountains lodge run by a noticeably quirky staff. And before she can order room service, she finds a naked—and gorgeous—man taking a shower in her suite who refuses to leave . . .

Vice cop Cooper Scott is in serious need of a vacation. He’s not about to give up the only available room to a stranger because of a mix-up. They’ll just have to make the best of it by sharing the bed. They’re mature adults after all. But when Cooper wakes up kissing the long, leggy Breanne, he wants to show her exactly what the honeymoon suite is intended for. That will have to wait, though, because a screaming Breanne has just stumbled over one very dead body…

In this wonderful mystery-romance romp, New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis “skillfully mixes the bizarre with the poignant and the hilarious” (Booklist).

My Thoughts: This was a cute romance with a touch of mystery. Breanne Mooreland is off on her honeymoon alone since her groom left her standing at the altar. This is her third broken engagement and she's decided to give up men forever.

However, when Breanne arrives at her honeymoon destination in the middle of the snowstorm or the century, she finds Cooper Scott already in the honeymoon suite. Things get worse from there. The power goes out, the staff is weird, and Breanne discovers a dead body in the wine cellar.

Cooper is a cop who had quit his job after burning out, but he is still investigating this crime. Only everyone except Breanne and himself are very suspicious characters. Between falling in love with Breanne and dealing with the crime, his time is full.

Breanne is falling for him too but is in major denial about any possibility that this is more than a vacation fling. The sex scenes are hot and frequent but convincing Breanne that they are more than a fling is an ongoing problem.

I liked Breanne's quotes from her Palm Pilot that began each chapter. The Palm Pilot being the only indication that the book was written in 2005. The romance was interesting. The mystery was also interesting and kept the plot moving. 

Favorite Quote:
And she sure as hell wished she would stop falling for "I love you" when what a guy really meant was "Do me, and also my laundry, while you're at it."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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