Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday Memes: Cast in Conflict by Michelle Sagara

 Happy Friday everybody!

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Corporal Kaylin Neya understood exactly why Bellusdeo, her Dragon roommate, had never really called the Arkon by his title.
Friday 56:
Severn nodded. "They would be difficult to map, yes." His tone made clear that some intrepid cartographer would be forced to do it anyway.

"The Emperor doesn't rule the fiefs. He can't just order someone to map them."
This week I am spotlighting Cast in Conflict by Michelle Sagara. It is the 16th book in the Chronicles of Elantra fantasy series. I have been reading them since the series began in 2005. Here is the description from Amazon for this episode:

A Dragon and ten Barrani wouldn’t be anyone’s ideal roommates if a person wants peace and tranquility at home. The residue of three Draco-Barrani wars can make things pretty awkward—on a good day. Kaylin Neya has run out of good days.

In the upheaval surrounding the Academia, the Tower in the fief of Candallar is now without its lord. The Towers were created to protect Elantra against Shadow. Dragon Bellusdeo wants to captain the Tower and continue a war she’ll never be able to abandon. But Sedarias, leader of the Barrani cohort, wants the Tower for the cohort. And Barrani and Dragons don’t negotiate, even when they’re living under the same roof.

If there were ever a time for Shadow to strike, it’s now, when alliances are fractured and the Tower is vulnerable for the first time in centuries. More than ever, Kaylin needs her friends to work together if they’re going to be able to stop the threat to Elantra.


  1. How fun to have a dragon for a roommate I think? Guess it would depend on the dragon LOL. Have great Friday

    Here is my link:

  2. Sounds interesting - love the cover! A Dragon roommate would sure make like exciting, wouldn't it?

  3. You got me with dragon roommate! Happy weekend!


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