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Book & Audio Review: Lt. Leary, Commanding by David Drake

Lt. Leary, Commanding

David Drake
Narrator: Victor Bevine
Series: RCN (Book 2)
Publication: Baen Books; 1st edition (December 9, 2013); Audible Studios (November 4, 2008)
Length: 580 p.; 16 hours and 24 minutes

Description: Into Harm's Way!

Lieutenant Daniel Leary of the Republic of Cinnabar Navy commands the corvette Princess Cecile; his friend Signals Officer Adele Mundy has the latest in spy apparatus and the skill to prowl the most tightly guarded database. All they lack are enemies, and fate is about to supply that need in abundance!

A hostage uses the Princess Cecile to regain his freedom-and his throne!

An ally intrigues with enemies of Cinnabar-knowing the plot can only be safeguarded by destroying the Princess Cecile!

A pirate chief joins in a cutthroat battle with a rival-and the Princess Cecile is a pawn!

Daniel, Adele, and their crack crew must battle bureaucrats and traitors, the winds of a barren desert and the strains of a voyage never before attempted. If they succeed at every stage, their reward will be the chance to fight another enemy: one which can blow them and a hundred ships like theirs to vapor!


Action, color and heroics merge with the gritty realities of war and politics in a story that never slows down. Indeed, how could it slow down, with


My Thoughts: The second book in the RCN series was an excellent and engaging military science fiction story.

Lt. Daniel Leary and his Signals Officer Adele Mundy are off on an adventure. Daniel is still in command of the Princess Cecile which he captured in the first book in the series. His mission is to join a battle group heading to Strymon to show the flag for Cinnabar.

A way stop at Sexburga lets him meet the group commander who doesn't like Daniel one tiny bit. Both his luck and his lifestyle cause Commodore Pettin to be willing to sabotage Daniel's career. Daniel is also reintroduced to Mr. Delos Vaughn who has been a "guest" of Cinnabar since his father was involved in some political chicanery on his home planet of Strymon. Vaughn has some plans for Daniel which include marooning him and some of his crew and the desert-like south continent where Daniel makes some intriguing discoveries. Meanwhile, Adele is using her research skills to find Daniel before the rest of the squadron takes off leaving Daniel behind.

When the son of the deposed leader of Strymon scams his way aboard the Princess Cecile and has plans to reclaim the Presidency of Strymon, Daniel and Adele find themselves deeper into politics than either would like to be. Between Commodore Pettin and Vaughn, Daniel is busy trying to keep command of his ship and his career.

An Alliance invasion force isn't really necessary to add to the confusion, but Daniel and crew stumbles into one while be sent off for some fictitious repairs on his ship. But Daniel has a plan to foil the invasion and save his career even if it means working with pirates. 

This was quite an engaging story filled with derring do, action, adventure, plots galore and surprisingly engaging characters. 

Favorite Quote:
"I've been accused of being overly literal," she said dryly. "It appears to me that that wouldn't be a problem if fewer people were underprecise."
I bought this paperback before I started using LibraryThing in 2008. I bought the Kindle and Audible copies November 24, 2021. You can buy your copy here.

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