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Audiobook Review: Night Scents by Carla Neggers

Night Scents

Carla Neggers
Narrator: Amanda Dolan
Publication: Audible Studios (June 5, 2015)
Length: 10 hours

Description: Carla Neggers has a magic touch for weaving spine-tingling suspense with romance so sensual it takes your breath away. Here she's at her best, in a delightful potpourri of dangerous intrigue, enchanting wit, and spellbinding desire.

This time Piper Macintosh's great-aunt has really gone too far. Eighty-seven-year-old Hannah, who fancies herself a witch, has sold her historic Cape Cod house to a Tennessean whom she claims is the man for her niece. Piper doesn't think they're a likely match - particularly not after she meets the reclusive tycoon while trespassing in his garden.

Clate Jackson has come to the windswept Cape to forget, not to get involved with the woman who's digging up valerian root for her great-aunt's crazy potions. But when Hannah reveals an old family secret and warns of danger on the horizon, Clate reluctantly works with Piper to solve a long-ago murder. Unraveling the secrets of Clate's past, however, will take what only Piper can supply: her healing love and her own boldly passionate heart.

My Thoughts: This was a nice romantic suspense title set on Cape Cod. Piper Macintosh was born there and is happy crafting, teaching classes, and dealing with her very old home. Her aunt Hannah who used to live next door has sold her house to Nashville entrepreneur Clate Jackson. He needed an escape from his high-pressure life in Nashville; Hannah was looking for the man of her great-niece's dreams. 

Hannah is perfectly content living in her brand-new condo with electric plugs on every wall and making up her herbal concoctions. She thinks of herself as a sort of witch/herbalist. Folks around town are starting to think that she might be losing her mind, but her niece Piper is her staunch defender.

When Hannah tells Piper that she has just recalled some events from when she was seven and her parents died, Piper agrees to did for buried treasure under a wisteria. Only she has to trespass on her new neighbor's property to do so. Clate is not excited to have these interactions with his new neighbor, but gradually the two fall in love.

As they begin to unravel the secrets of Hannah's past, Piper finds herself in danger from someone who wants to find the treasure first. Clate and her own loving family are there to help her though Piper really prefers to hold on to her independence. 

Hannah's secrets are not the only ones in the story. Clate's own past is a secret he has kept from everyone until he falls in love with Piper and decides he needs to confront his own past. 

This was an engaging story with the right blend of suspense and romance. Amanda Dolan did a great job narrating it. 

This one was included in my Audible subscription. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Suspense and romance too. Nice mix. Thanks for the review.


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