Thursday, May 12, 2022

ARC Review: The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions by Kerry Greenwood

The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions

Kerry Greenwood
Series: Phryne Fisher Mysteries
Publication: Poisoned Pen Press (May 17, 2022)

Description: "The 15 1920s-era stories in this welcome collection from Australian author Greenwood will delight fans of Miss Phryne Fisher, who indulges in 'Sherlockery' for Melbourne's citizenry when she's not indulging her passion for 'food, sleep, intellectual puzzles, clothes and beautiful young men'...This volume is a fine companion to the 21 novels featuring this dashing protagonist." ―Publishers Weekly

In The Lady with Gun Asks the Questions, Kerry Greenwood distills the Phryne of her books and imagination. For those fans looking for greater character depth, a richer historical context of the twenties, and Phryne as her truest, freest self, Greenwood has curated just the right stories from her 21 novels and added four brand-new ones so we may meet the real fabulous Miss Fisher.

My Thoughts: This collection of 15 stories all show Phryne Fisher at her best. She's a bright, fashionable, free-spirit who is very wealthy and of high social class. She is also very good at solving puzzles which means that her career as a private investigator keeps her busy with intriguing cases. 

All of the cases in this collection were short with a tight focus on Phryne. They all also seem focused on Phryne's powers of observation rather than any sort of physical detecting. I liked all the period detail in fashion and mores. 

I found the stories all pretty similar. I would have liked a wider variety of kinds of cases that Phryne was called in to solve. 

Favorite Quote:
"You've probably read one of his pamphlets? The wages of sin is death, he reckons."

"So is the salary of virtue," murmured Phryne. "And at least the wicked have a good time."
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from Edelweiss. You can buy your copy here.

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