Tuesday, August 29, 2023

ARC Review: All the Dead Shall Weep by Charlaine Harris

All the Dead Shall Weep

Charlaine Harris
Series: Gunnie Rose (Book 5)
Publication: Gallery / Saga Press (September 5, 2023)

Description: #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author returns with the fifth installment in the bestselling Gunnie Rose series as sisters Lizbeth Rose and Felicia as well as brother Eli and Peter, are reunited in Texoma only to break apart before the Wizard’s Ball held in San Diego, which will determine all their fates.

Following the murderous events of the “gripping…thrill-ride” (Karin Slaughter) Serpent of Heaven, Lizbeth Rose is awaiting the arrival of her sister Felicia and her husband’s younger brother Eli in Texoma. Both needed to leave the seat of the Holy Russian Empire in San Diego after Felicia’s burgeoning wizardly power in death magic became the reason for kidnapping and assassination attempts from her mother’s family of high-powered wizards in Mexico.

Yet bad news has traveled ahead of them, as Eli is called back to San Diego, taking Peter along with him, splitting them apart in more ways than one as their enemies’ plans for revenge come to fruition. In this fifth installment in the beloved and bestselling Gunnie Rose series, #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Charlaine Harris has crafted a family drama of murderous and magical thrills.

My Thoughts: The fifth book in the Gunnie Rose series takes place in Texoma. Lizbeth and Eli have settled in Lixbeth's home country after leaving San Diego. There are major adjustments to make for this newly married couple. Lizbeth has just lost a baby and is dealing with grief. She is also wondering if Eli regrets both their marriage and their move since he can't really use his grigori talents. 

Lizbeth's half-sister Felicia and Eli's brother Peter have arrived from San Diego for a visit and to get out of San Diego. Felicia is now fifteen and is coming into her grigori powers which are looking to be very strong. Her major talent is death magic which makes her a very attractive commodity for magical families looking to increase their power.

When a militia comes to Texoma and kidnaps Eli and Peter, Lizabeth and Felicia go after them. After rescuing them, Eli and Peter head off to San Diego without explanation. Lizbeth fears that Eli has left her forever. But several visitors coming courting Felicia for their families and a couple of kidnapping attempts keep both Felicia and Lizbeth busy. 

This alternate history story with magic was an entertaining story. I like the worldbuilding and I like the characters. 

Favorite Quote:
I was aching to kill Thomas. I was indifferent about Joanie. I'd opened my mouth to tell Felicia this when a newcomer rode into the scene.

Prancing up on a gorgeous black horse was a man in a fancier uniform. He had more insignias on his arms, a different hat, and even medals. His neat white beard and trimmed white hair said that he looked in the mirror a lot. The newcomer dismounted easily, walked over to Joanie, and glanced from her to Thomas with clear disapproval. 
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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