Friday, December 8, 2023

Book Beginnings: Kris Longknife: Bold by Mike Shepherd

 Happy Friday!

Book Beginnings is hosted by Gillion at Rose City Reader. She asks that the first sentence is posted along with the author and title of the book and the reader's initial thoughts on the sentence, the book, or anything else it inspires. 
Carrie at Reading Is My also provides a linky for sharing first lines and connecting with others. This meme asks that the chosen books be PG or marked as Mature if they are not. 

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda at Freda's Voice. This meme is currently on hiatus but many of us are still including a sentence from page 56 or from 56% of the ebook. Anne @ Head Full of Books is picking up the slack until Freda is ready to return. I think this link will get you to the correct place.

Admiral, Her Royal Highness Kris Longknife did her best to cut her corners as she'd been taught in those long-ago days at Officer Candidate School. But then, Gunny had never suggested how to manage the correct military entry with a bundle such as Kris cradled in her left arm.
Friday 56:
Kris has just settled into the breakfast solarium and managed a bite from a nut-and-bran muffin with marmalade when Nelly interrupted. 
This week I'm spotlighting Kris Longknife: Bold by Mike Shepherd. This is the 14th book in the series. I am trying to finish the series since I enjoy a good space opera once in a while. I've had this book and all the rest of the series since October 13, 2022. I may actually finish the series in 2024. However, besides the 19 books in this series, there are some side series too.

Here's the description of this book from Amazon:
Kris Longknife “can kick, shoot, and punch her way out of any dangerous situation,”* and her latest adventure in the New York Times bestselling series is as perilous as they come...

Despite her role as a fleet Admiral and protector of a planetary system, Kris is still beholden to her great grandfather King Raymond’s commands. She has been personally selected for a mission that, should she succeed, will save millions of lives.

The Peterwald Empire is in the midst of civil war. On one side is the tyrannical Empress, on the other is the last person Kris ever wants to see again—Grand Duchess Vicky Peterwald. Due to their shared history, the Emperor believes Kris can mediate between the factions and bring about peace.

But before Kris even begins her mission, she survives multiple assassination attempts on her family home world. Someone doesn’t want her interfering in the Empire’s affairs. Kris immediately suspects Vicky or the Empress, only to learn that it could also be a traitor among her own people...


  1. Nineteen books in a series?! Egads. I'd be afraid I'd never reach the end of it. But it sounds like you are near.

  2. I am always in awe of those who can read a long series. You really get to know the characters well that way.

  3. This seems like an action packed story. Enjoy your current read!

  4. I hope you enjoy this one! Have a great weekend!


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